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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - THIS ENDING - Inside The Machine

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This Ending - Inside The Machine (9/10) - Sweden - 2007

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 42:47
Band homepage: This Ending


  1. Seed Of Destruction
  2. Inside The Machine >mp3
  3. Pitch Black
  4. Plague Angel
  5. Lidless Eyes
  6. Armageddon
  7. Nailed Down
  8. Let The World Burn
  9. Into Pain
  10. This Ending
This Ending - Inside The Machine

A new band this is and yet it is not. Confused yet? OK, you might have heard of Swedish Death Metal band A CANOROUS QUINTET, which had released two albums in the mid-Nineties and then split up in 1999. Best known member of the band was Fredrik Andersson, now better known as drummer of the mighty AMON AMARTH. In 2005 the guys decided to get back together, but under the name of THE PLAGUE, recorded a demo, got scooped up by Metal Blade and finally changed their name to THIS ENDING and that in turn resulted in the CD at hand, "Inside The Machine".


I have to admit that I have not heard a single note of A CANOROUS QUINTET, so I can't draw any comparisons, but if they were as good as what THIS ENDING show on their debut, I should definitely rectify that! The quality contained on this album does not need the name dropping of Fredrik to get recognized, for the ten songs contained are based upon melodic Death Metal, but sometimes have a more modern touch or a darker, while keeping the brutality level pretty high, so revolutionary they are not, but I prefer something well done such as this over something I have never heard before that I would have liked to be kept unheard...


Anyways, from the get-go it is clear that these guys have been playing together for a long time, because they are one tight-knit unit that knows what they are doing. Opener "Seed Of Destruction" unleashes some tremendous power and heaviness, but also entices the listener with its brilliant guitar work and equally great melodies, which make the sonic assault some sweet pain indeed. The mentioned modern touch comes into the play in the title track, where the keyboards give the song this slightly futuristic touch, embedded into a mostly double-bass and also blastbeat driven track, borne by an absolutely ingenious melody line, which begins the song and then is picked up again in the chorus, killer!


And variety is not a stranger either, "Plague Angel" is powerful and brooding, once more with a brilliant melody in the chorus, while "Lidless Eyes" is slower, more intense and "Armageddon" plows us down with a straight speed attack, but also some very surprising clear vocals in the middle. "Nailed Down" is the overall maybe most varied song in terms of speed, just to be bulldozed over by the all-out up-tempo breaker "Let The World Burn".


Not knowing what would await me, I did not have too high expectations on THIS ENDING, but boy is this a Deathfest, it is heavy, variable, melodic, atmospheric, dark, one hell of a debut, check this out, if this kind of Death Metal is your thing!

(Online January 18, 2007)

Alexander Melzer

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