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8 Foot Sativa - Breed The Pain (8,5/10) - New Zealand - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal / Death Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 40:34
Band homepage: 8 Foot Sativa


  1. Perpetual Torment
  2. Breed The Pain
  3. I Live My Death
  4. Mentally Castrated
  5. Altar Of Obscenity
  6. Human Abattoir
  7. Brutal Revenge
  8. Punishment Within
  9. Genetic Treason
8 Foot Sativa - Breed The Pain

There are probably very few people outside of Australia and New Zealand that have ever heard of this band, which is a damn shame, as “Breed The Pain” is an absolutely excellent slab of Heavy Metal.


Combining Death and Thrash isn’t exactly a new trick, but 8 FOOT SATIVA do it in a way that sounds surprisingly fresh. The majority of the riffing could probably be called Thrash, although it also takes some subtle nods from Death Metal. The riffs seem to posses that implacable heaviness that FEAR FACTORY displayed at the height of their game. The drumming is tight as hell and works to accentuate the music nicely with plenty of double kick action and some neat fills. The vocals are definitely my favourite aspect of this record, transitioning easily between mid range screams and deliciously low growls. “Breed The Pain” display strong song writing throughout its entirety, and manages to deliver a full 40 minutes of undiluted ass-kickery.


Considering this band is actually signed to Roadrunner, it’s no surprise that “Breed The Pain” sounds like a million dollars. What is a surprise however, is how this band never ‘made it’ with this album. A well-produced, fairly accessible Metal album released on Roadrunner should catapult any band into the international spotlight, which is definitely where 8 FOOT SATIVA belong.


This album is strongly recommended for fans of FEAR FACTORY, KONKHRA and MACHINE HEAD, although fans of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, UNEARTH and ALL THAT REMAINS could just as easily appreciate it.

(Online February 25, 2007)

Lachlan McKellar

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