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Mörser - Pure Scum (7/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Death Metal / Deathcore
Label: Garden Of Exile Records
Playing time: 39:40
Band homepage: Mörser


  1. 20 Seconds >mp3
  2. My Life, My World (I Need It Back)
  3. Scum/Interlude
  4. The Gift
  5. The Indirect Threat (To The World's Freedom)
  6. Desperate Attempt
  7. Game Over
  8. The Way For Constant Flashbacks
  9. His Life, His Death
Mörser - Pure Scum

MÖRSER has one hell of a line-up, you wouldn't want to join them to earn a buck. With a total of 7 members there can’t be else than nickels and dimes left for each when the account is to be settled. The reason for the high number of inhabitants is because of two vocalists doing nothing but screaming and growling, and also due to them having two bass guitarists. What the remaining members are doing serves as the riddle for today.


After scoping the net for information about the band, I found out that their record label have a hard time coming up with an appropriate term for the music. In their attempt, Garden Of Exile mentions close to every genre of Metal, blowing things out of proportions if you ask me. MÖRSER’s music is good enough to stand on its own, they don’t need a record label mystifying it. Their take on Metal is solid, yet hardly unique. Mixing different kinds of Metal with core doesn’t make them that.   


“Pure Scum” has a distinct underground feel due to the rather shabby production. It could’ve been better but the music isn’t suffering from it, not at all. It packs a punch, and thanks to the two bass guitarists there is a heavy bottom as well. Not that I think there needs to be two of them. At least not on album, probably cool live. Anyway, there is a heavy bottom. Thank whoever you want.


MÖRSER doesn’t make my crotch come to life but there is definite talent and quality to be found on “Pure Scum”. Whatever you end up calling their music, I think we all can agree to that this band is best suited for those who prefer music from the extreme end of the scale. While not ripping anyone’s heads off, they are quite visceral at times, just a bit more adventurous than many of their peers. Fans of Grind, Death, and possibly Core, should be on the alert for this one.

(Online March 3, 2007)

Arve Henriksen

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