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Agathocles/H.407 - For What? For Who? (Split) (4,5/10) - Belgium/Poland - 2006

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Apathic View Productions
Playing time: 45:00
Band homepage: Agathocles
Band homepage: H.407



  1. It's Not Your Problem >mp3
  2. Old Lies
  3. Corrupted Brain
  4. We Cannot Cheat Ourselves >mp3
  5. War For The Oil
  6. Concreted Everything Alive
  7. Grinded
  8. They Try To Entrap Us >mp3
  9. U.S.A
  10. Society
  11. Money's Failure
  12. Swindle (Cover Of DEZERTER)
  13. Expression


  1. Criminalisation Of Strange Behaviour  
  2. Knock Back
  3. Trust? Not Me
  4. Thanks For Your Hostility
  5. Progress Or Stupidity
  6. Remember
  7. Consuming Endoderme Pus
  8. Cheers Mankind Cheers
  9. Life Control
  10. Distraction
  11. Bigheaded Bastards
  12. Kill Your Fucking Idols
Agathocles - For What? For Who? (Split)

My experience with split CDís isnít the best, to be honest I think some of the worst shit ever released are to be found on such things. Iíve found some decent ones, no doubt, but all in all I think they are a waste of one's time. Most so for those whoíve played and recorded it.


So, will I be a convert after this one? No, not even close.


Polish H.407 starts out this split-release with some mumblings in a Slavic language, perhaps Polish, I wouldnít know. Having such a mellow start was perhaps meant to create a brutal contrast when the band kicked in but the desired effect is lost, simply because H.407 doesnít sound lethal enough. They are, however, not entirely limp and fatigued. 


They have a medium-impressive ability to write riffs and have also found a quite suitable sound for their music. Itís a shame then that the music feels liquid and not compact, out of sync may be a charm for some, even me sometimes, but Iím not too impressed by this band's team play. Again, I have nothing awful to report; itís just that I like my Grind a bit sharper and more venomous than what Iím offered here. I would also like to address the vocals, which I find to be weak. The deep growl is all fine but the shrieks get the best of me, I would recommend some practice. Having some ďrealĒ blasts wouldnít hurt their music either; the half-blast present sounds sloppy and half-hearted.


AGATHOCLES is a band Iíll try to forget as soon as possible. I know that the songs were recorded in 1997 but that is not an excuse for them sounding like utter shit. Even at low volumes your stereo will act as if you blew its fuses and cords last night. As charming as it might sound for some, it only leaves me bored. Ok, if the songs had kicked ass I might had another stance but they kick nothing at all, they are nothing but inferior songs in the vein of early NAPALM DEATH, only the Englishmen were, and still are, far more furious and baleful than AGATHOCLES is. That is if the material presented is representative of course, I have a strong feeling it is. My point is that if I feel like listening to this sort of Grind, I already have better options. 


H.407 is the clear winner of this split CD but as a whole it can only recommend to those who dig into the underground looking for music. I would rather recommend ROTTEN SOUND, NASUM, JIGSORE TERROR, BIRDFLESH, NAPALM DEATH, SQUASH BOWELS, HERMAN RAREBELL, SPORTLOV, GADGET, or most other Grind-bands youíll find.


Lend an ear to H.407 but stay far away from the Belgian waffle.

(Online March 2, 2007)

Arve Henriksen

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