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Process Of Guilt - Renounce (8,5/10) - Portugal - 2006

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Major Label Industries
Playing time: 66:38
Band homepage: Process Of Guilt


  1. Motionless
  2. Becoming Light >mp3
  3. Fragments
  4. Window
  5. Falling
  6. Crawl
  7. Burden
Process Of Guilt - Renounce

Being a fan of both of this band’s two outstanding demos, I can only say that I am pleased, though far from surprised, that a label has decided to invest in this band, allowing them to record a full length album and unleash their brilliant take on the Doom Metal genre to a wider audience.


Rest assured that this album does not disappoint, being of a comparable - and at times even better - standard with the demos. Opener “Motionless” showcases all of the characteristics of the band. Long, drawn-out and simple passages of lethargic dejection dominate the music, reminding fondly of “Brave Murder Day” era KATATONIA, with all the subtle variations of RAPTURE and a less melodic DAYLIGHT DIES. However, this has more of a pure Doom feeling.


Spoken word passages, clean guitars and rolling percussion create a stark and beautiful contrast with the brutal vocals, the simple, hard-hitting percussion, the slashed rhythms and the heavy chords which ring out with a resounding despondency. Indeed, all of their better moments are captured perfectly in the thirteen minute opus “Becoming Light” which is probably the best song they have penned to date.


Again, the cleaner passages remind one fondly of SATURNUS’ classic “Paradise Belongs To You,” yet with the captivating hopelessness of the better sections of recent MY DYING BRIDE. Aside from the simple slashings of the abovementioned KATATONIA and those whom they influenced, PROCESS OF GUILT have drawn on the heavier side of early ANATHEMA and even MORGION to an extent. All of this creates a fantastically rounded and balanced Doom Metal album that cherry-picks some of the finest parts of truly great bands, adds a little of their own character and blends it all into an album of absolute essential listening for Death/Doom fans.


However, all is not perfect. “Window”, for example, has brilliant riffs, but overuses them to the extent that they eventually irk a little. However, this is but a minor dip, as the rest of the album quickly resumes the previous high standards.


Both demos are available to download from their website. Take my advice and do so, then buy the album. It is an absolute gem that I hope will not be overlooked.

(Online March 6, 2007)

Niall Kennedy

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