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Exhumation/Infinite Hate Project/Narsil/Reptilian Death/Warface - Defaced & Split (8,5/10) - India/USA - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Demonstealer Records
Playing time: 56:00
Band homepage: Exhumation
Band homepage: Infinite Hate Project
Band homepage: Narsil
Band homepage: Reptilian Death
Band homepage: Warface


  1. In Sickness And Health (Exhumation)
  2. Tandoori Chick (Exhumation)
  3. On The Platter (Exhumation)
  4. The House I Built (Exhumation)
  5. Bloodletting (Exhumation)
  6. Carcinogenia (Narsil)
  7. Lugubrious (Narsil)
  8. Depletion Of Vital Forces (Narsil)
  9. Prelude To Execution (Narsil)
  10. Derelict Deranged (Narsil)
  11. Grovel (Warface)
  12. Truth Of Suffering (Warface)
  13. Mask Of Battle (Warface)
  14. The Haunted (Warface)
  15. A Cranial Funeral (Reptilian Death)
  16. Grasp Of The Anaconda (Reptilian Death)
  17. Intestinal Feast (Reptilian Death)
  18. Ghouls Of War (Reptilian Death)
  19. Bathed In Blood (Reptilian Death)
  20. Blast Of Hatred (Bonus) (Infinite Hate Project)
  21. Fuck The Sena Master (Bonus) (Infinite Hate Project)
Exhumation - Defaced & Split

"Defaced & Split" is a mix of EPs by 4 brutal Death Metal bands from India and one from the USA. I had heard wonders about the Indian Death Metal scene but never had the opportunity to check, so this promo was an interesting gateway.


The first band on the package is EXHUMATION, presenting their EP "For Personal Consumption Only". They deliver really awesome technical Death, with the viscous brutality of SUFFOCATION and the virtuosity of QUO VADIS, daring here and there with very bizarre experimentations. EXHUMATION are entertaining, varied, with a good performance at every level and, summarizing, a skilled band that dare beyond in terms of songwriting.


Then comes NARSIL to present classic brutal Death/Grind, in the purest sick vein of CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN. Once gain we are in presence of an important technical edge by side of the guitars, while the drumming is totally neurotic. The vocals are a mix between an infected low growling and a weird Grindcore scream that sounds like the agonic last shout of a terminally sick gull.


WARFACE are the American offering, presenting their self-titled EP... very groovy, dirty, crunchy Death Metal, similar to DEEDS OF FLESH and the middle albums of CANNIBAL CORPSE. The music delivered is rather slow, but let me advise you that the stench of brutality will be lethal for weak stomachs.


Creeping from a field of pestilent shit appears REPTILIAN DEATH, a one man band from Mumbai that vomits straight-forward brutality, not stopping for so long in technical bullshit. Not that this is not well played, but the goal of this sick guy called The Demonstealer is just to corrode your flesh to the bone with acid riffs and a voice that sounds like an oxidated chainsaw.


And as bonus, two songs by INFINITE HATE PROJECT, a brutal Death Metal act that sounds really electric, with a disturbing drum machine that will constantly hammer your nerves, and an insane growling... fans of THE BERSEKER should pay attention to this shit.


Well folks, to conclude I can only say that my ass has been kicked by Indian Death Metal. Oh, and also by WARFACE.

(Online March 6, 2007)

Daniel Barros

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