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Kobold - Redemption Refused (8,5/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 34:45
Band homepage: Kobold


  1. Mental Aberration
  2. To Sink Into Oblivion
  3. I Am Forever
  4. Redemption Refused
  5. Breakdown
  6. Bless The Suffering
  7. Stab Wounds
  8. Untergang
  9. Dreckstück
  10. A Fallen Mind
Kobold - Redemption Refused

I just stick with it, the national Death Metal underground has really awesome bands in store. This time the guys from KOBOLD prove that in terms of Death Germany has a lot to say on the international scene. Because what we are offered here, ladies and gentlemen, is "top notch" or "high class" Death, with a great production for a demo. Of course the guys from KOBOLD are not reenventing the wheel, but take the best ingredients from  KATAKLYSM, GOD DETHRONED or early SIX FEET UNDER, mix them real good and mould their own thing out of it.

Bolts like "Mental Aberration" or the awesome "Breakdown" are clearly pearls of this genre, on the highest technical level. Now and then I am being bothered by the triggered drum sound, but as long as such a soundwall is created I am conciliable. There are actually no deficits and I would like to mention the quasi last track "A Fallen Mind", which could easily find a place on any of the albums of the above-mentioned reference acts. Here you can really bang your head till it bleeds. Arrrgh! Front-buffalo Florian has the perfect throat for this kinda noise (music), here he growls deep like Chris Barnes on his best days, there he nags like a witch on her worst...

There are also two tracks in our mother tongue but since one cannot understand a word, it doesn't make much of a difference. The tracks have great riffs, hammer-hard drumming and a lethal energy, just like the damned rest on this awesome, self-produced album. Check it out!

(Online March 15, 2007)

Ralf Henn

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