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Firewind - Burning Earth (8,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 44:42
Band homepage: Firewind


  1. Steal Them Blind
  2. I Am The Anger
  3. Immortal Lives Young
  4. Burning Earth
  5. The Fire And The Fury
  6. You Have Survived
  7. Brother's Keeper
  8. Waiting Still
  9. The Longest Day
Firewind - Burning Earth

With their debut „Between Heaven And Hell“ FIREWIND already could let listen up. Their Power/Melodic Metal aims at a pretty wide audience and with some luck could get pretty successful. I don’t know, the sales figures, but as a fan you don’t really care for it. Rather the evolution of FIREWIND, because what we have here now, is their ardently awaited follow up “Burning Earth”. First off I’d like to mention the cornerstones of this band, for one DREAM EVIL-/MYSTIC PROPHECY-guitarist Gus G., who should be pretty well known in the scene by now. Then there is former KENZINER fronter Stephen Fredrick, who can set accents with his powerful voice. Who likes singers of the Jorn Lande/Graham Bonnet kind should surely love him! On drums they could enlist Stian Kristoffersen of PAGAN’S MIND fame, so that the rhythm is secured. And last but no least, we have Pedros Christo (BREAKING SILENCE) on bass.


Musically we get Melodic Metal/Hard Rock of the BRAZEN ABBOT/RISING FORCE/MASTERPLAN category, with a lot of power and good hooks. Cool, really outstanding tracks such as "I Am The Anger" (with video clip as bonus), "Immortal Lives Young" or "Brother's Keeper" are top fodder.


Had the debut “Between Heaven And Hell” already been good, so the band could easily top it here! The songs sound more fluid and also a bit better thought through, they grab you by the balls without big frills – the way it should be. Cool album! (Online January 17, 2004)


Ralf Henn

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