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Evil Army - s/t (8,5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Crossover / Thrash Metal
Label: Get Revenge! Records
Playing time: 24:57
Band homepage: Evil Army


  1. Edge Of Destruction
  2. Evil Army
  3. Driven To Violence
  4. Realm Of Death
  5. Wrong Approach
  6. Sgt. Says Kill
  7. Conquer Human Life
  8. Severe Mental Disorder
  9. Relentless Assault
  10. Satan Made Me Do It
  11. Scum Of The Earth
  12. Watch Me Fall
  13. Friday The 13th
Evil Army - s/t

Now this is bloody marvelous, let me tell you. Frantic, Thrashy Crossover that goes straight for the throat is the order of the day here! This is the kind of stuff I can listen to all night, even though my chiropractor would probably advise me otherwise (as well as my therapist)! If you want a REAL throwback to the glory days of Thrash/Hardcore then you simply can’t go wrong with this one. Just a cursory glance at the very S.O.D.-like album cover will get you in the mood for some moshpit pain!


Picking up right where DRI left off in their “Thrash Zone” days and adding liberal doses of SICK OF IT ALL and old-school SLAYER, this Memphis-based unit destroys everything in its path with glee. Rage-filled barks and simplistic yet frenetic riffs drive this band’s aural assault forward and a string of bodies in its path. Musically this is a bit more varied than most offerings in this field, especially in terms of the great and very melodic solos throughout the album. This is employed very effectively in songs like the title track and the very well balanced “Watch Me Fall”. But don’t think that this diminishes the band’s intensity one iota, oh no, as the heaviness is maintained throughout. Songs like the blistering “Satan Made Me Do It” make use of the requisite gang shouts and all the trappings of the Hardcore/Crossover genre but to these ears there is a bigger emphasis of all-out Thrash here – just listen to “Realm Of Death” (great chorus here!) and the über fast and very appropriately titled “Relentless Assault” and you’ll be instantly transported back to the days when Thrash ruled the world. Great stuff!


Clocking in at just under 25 minutes this is a very brief affair but the album’s relative brevity is its strength as a drawn out affair and excessive instrumental noodling would definitely have dampened its impact. The production is predictably raw with a live atmosphere that suits the music perfectly. The individual members do a great job but additional credit must go to vocalist/guitarist Rob Evil – his barks and speedy riffing imbues the album with a very energetic and pummeling feeling that simply cannot be denied.


I highly recommend this album to all who appreciate old-school Crossover/Thrash. I haven’t heard something this vital and passionate in this genre for quite some time, so I absolutely view this album as a triumph.


The EVIL ARMY is on the march so lock up your daughters and turn the volume up to 11! Left, right, left right, left, right, left, right, left…   

(Online March 12, 2007)

Neil Pretorius

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