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TMO Jobs

Here you can find all the current “job” openings in and around “The Metal Observer”.


Journalistic contributor


We currently ARE looking for new contributors! If you think that you have what it takes to write for us, send us an application with information about you, plus at least two positive and two negative reviews (never can hurt to send more) to tmojobs (at) and see, if you can dazzle us with your brilliance ;) Please only mail, if you are serious about this and about being a steady contributor to our site.

What you need:

  • Extensive knowledge of many sub genres of Rock and Metal
  • Very good knowledge of the English language in spoken and written form
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Ability to work organised
  • Good time management
  • Ability to follow existing rules
  • Ability and willingness to continuously contribute over a longer period of time
  • Experience with other magazines is no disadvantage
  • High-speed internet connection preferred

What you get:

  • An international team of fans, who write for fans
  • The chance to interact internationally with fans and also musicians
  • The chance to find new bands and sounds
  • The chance to support bands and labels worldwide
  • The chance to write for an internationally acclaimed magazine that averages at around 10,000 visits and more than 145,000 pageviews (the amount of pages that are getting visited) a day

Please keep in mind that it is not as easy as some might think to write fair reviews on a constant basis, also with deadlines and all, especially as there also will be CDs that are just plain bad or simply mediocre, but still require as much attention as others... We receive a LOT of promos every month, so we will be keeping you busy on a pretty constant basis, but we try to cater to your tastes as good as we can, so if you are a Black Metal grimlord, we’ll try to keep Power Metal away from you, while if clear and epic vocals are your thing, chances that you will be assaulted by Grindcore or brutal Death are pretty slim as well ;)




We are searching for committed translators, who can translate reviews, interviews etc. mostly from English to German, at times also the other way around!


Webdesigner/Graphic Artist


We are also searching for someone, who can help us with the redesign of the site, to brush it up a little, while still maintaining the functionality. If you think that you could help us, please apply at tmojobs (at) metal-observer (dot) com and let us know a little about you!

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