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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - 784ITCH - Waterproof

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784itch - Waterproof (6/10) - Switzerland - 2006

Genre: Nu-Metal / Crossover
Label: Quam Libet Records
Playing time: 34:06
Band homepage: 784itch


  1. Wait To Die
  2. Fooling The Crowd
  3. Reanimate
  4. Waterproof
  5. Use Your Wings
  6. Dreams
  7. Leave Now
  8. Road To Nowhere
  9. Fooling The Crowd (Remix)
784itch - Waterproof

The list of successful and unique Metal and Rock bands from Switzerland is quite long and even names like KROKUS, CELTIC FROST, CORONER, MESSIAG, GURD, SAMAEL or POLTERGEIST will make every fan of hard noise click his tongue. But even bands of a more current date like CORTEZ, KNUT, NOSTROMO or MUMAKIL manage to please musical open-minded Metalheads and Rockers and they prove that this beautiful country in the middle of Europe is capable to produce first class music quality as ever. Who knows if 784ITCH from Lucerne will be capable to do is, to be the talk of the town? We’ll see. Those four musicians are gifted throughout, but the result could have been more unique and more inventive, which is primarily due to the quite outdated style mix of “Waterproof”.


No matter if you would like to label this music as Nu Metal or Crossover, bands from the same species like CLAWFINGER, SUCH A SURGE, older H-BLOCKX, HED (P-E.) or LINEA 77 have already broadened the paths that much that new bands from this genre have a hard time to gain attention and enthusiasm. 784ITCH are also fighting this shortage and that’s such a shame, as this disc could have sounded way better, if they had included more courage, as the production has a lot of power and it comes thundering out of your speakers.


When it comes to the sound, you must admit that they did their homework for “Waterproof” with distinction, but the songs often lag behind. So, heavy guitar riffs meets speech song – like at the Opener “Wait To Die” -, which arises parallels to something unutterable like “Hip Hop meets Metal” and even the performance of an angelic female voice at the chorus doesn’t sound believable at all. In between they’re yelling around sometimes, to add the necessary heaviness to the songs. That’s less constructive, but “Fooling The Crowd” is rather more convincing, as this track cares for a good mood and it comes like a shredder out of your speakers. The hundred times repeated chorus is annoying a little bit, as it gets pretty fast worn out and monotonous. “Reanimate” has its additional Hardcore shouts and they unleash the clear vocals not that often. This song is cracking musically and it introduces the title track as well which comes again in a rather calm and smooth mood. But here the song structures are also too predictable and worn out. If 784ITCH were lancing this album about 10 years before, they would have gone down very well, but nowadays you won’t get anybody off their chairs. “Use Your Wings” and the rest of the songs on “Waterproof” can’t change a thing. I’m asking myself why they had to include some kind of Dance remix of “Fooling The Crowd” to this album, I can’t understand it, but maybe they wanted to do a favour to SCOOTER.


I have no idea, but in the end it doesn’t care that much, as I’m convinced that 784ITCH are capable to do more as they did on “Waterproof”. Let’s see what the band has on a possible successor to offer, this disc here is way to less for a band that exists for more than 10 years.

(Online April 1, 2007)

Alexander Ehringer

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