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Atrocity - Contaminated (5/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Open Grave Records
Playing time: 18:35
Band homepage: Atrocity


  1. Enslaved In Turmoil
  2. Nuclear Manslaughter
  3. Unseen Death
  4. Contamination
  5. Slave To Conformity
  6. Awaiting Demise
  7. Infected
  8. Cycle Of Despair
  9. Redeemed By Confession
  10. Personal Decimation
Atrocity - Contaminated

Well, well, another band from the heydays of late 80s Death/Grind decided to reform… I must confess to be rather unfamiliar with this band’s previous output so I can’t really say how this EP (essentially a bunch of alternate versions of songs from the “Infected” sessions and their first release in 15 years) compares to their earlier works.


This band was formed in 1985 so I guess they are veterans of the American extreme scene. I expected this to be in the vein of early TERRORIZER/REPULSION, which it is in a way, but this seriously lacks the unstoppable ferocity of said bands’ material. This is simply solid Death Metal with a strong old-school Grind/Hardcore undercurrent that is not very memorable in any way. It’s not really bad per se but it is not the kind of stuff that really buries itself under your skin. In a way this reminds me a lot of the latest HALLOWS EVE album, especially production-wise. But where said band thrashes (for the most part) this band merely plods along with very few tricks up their sleeves. “Enslaved In Turmoil” is an enjoyable song with some impressive layered riffs at the beginning and some Stoner touches near the end that, oddly, don’t sound out of place at all. “Contamination” is a faster number with a strong VENOM vibe while “Awaiting Demise” is more in the Hardcore/Crossover vein with the requisite Death touches thrown in. But the highlight has to be “Redeemed By Confession” the EP’s fastest song with a very catchy opening riff and a strong Thrash structure.


Again this is not a bad EP. I sat through it without ever feeling like hitting the skip button, but then again I also never felt like hitting the repeat button either. Strong replay material this is not. I do appreciate the dirty atmosphere of the band’s sound and vocalist Rob Wedda’s forceful screams/growls but I just can’t escape feeling that the band’s reunion should’ve resulted in more memorable material. Like I said, these songs are alternate versions of older songs so they may be huge improvements over the originals…I don’t know. I’ll try to dig up some of this band’s earlier albums but in the meantime all I can say is that I hope their future material packs more of a punch. Bottom line: a very average EP.

(Online March 22, 2007)

Neil Pretorius

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