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Siebenbürgen - Delictum (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 69:36
Band homepage: Siebenbürgen


  1. Delictum
  2. Majesties Infernal
  3. Storms
  4. Thou Blessed Be By Night
  5. As Of Sin
  6. Levande Begravd
  7. Thy Sister Thee Crimson Wed
  8. Opacitas (Queen Of The Dark)
  9. A Dream Of Scarlet Nights
  10. Oculus Malus
Siebenbürgen - Delictum
There are some changes in the realm of SIEBENBÜRGEN. Lavisa Hallstedt has gone, replaced by Kicki Höijertz, formerly under contract with Doomsters LEFT HAND SOLUTION. Then there is only one song with Swedish lyrics anymore, the rest is completely English and the production is really good this time around. Additionally some Gothic Metal-elements have found their way into the melodic Black Metal with traditional Metal-list. Apart from that everything has stayed the same. Or something like that…

Again the cover is sub-standard (not as trashy as the first two, but in the usual Napalm-line), but as soon as the fat double-bass are thundering out of the speakers this is more than forgotten. "Majesties Infernal" is a prime example for the sound of the Northmen, heavy, very melodic, very powerful, just great! The songs all are assaulting the listener with full force and power, this is how this music has to sound, the guitars are shredding, the double-bass are driving you through the room, the melodies are able to unfold their full beauty, SIEBENBÜRGEN never have sounded better!

"Storms", the more than ten-minute "Levande Begravd", "Opacitas (Queen Of The Dark)", all of them, including the already mentioned opening cracker "Majesties Infernal", songs that should at least appeal each genre-fan, if not even enthuse him and if you need the last push, then wait a little after "Oculus Malus" and you'll get a great cover-version of "Animal Fuck Like A Beast" by W.A.S.P.!

So, "Delictum" without doubt is the creative highlight of SIEBENBÜRGEN so far, no buts and ifs!

Alexander Melzer

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