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Beinhaus - s/t (0/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Industrial
Label: Endzeit
Playing time: 37:58
Band homepage: Beinhaus


  1. Dreck
  2. Unter Feinden
  3. Kein Verlust
  4. Tsvoelph
  5. Feuerkoch
  6. Zorn
  7. Dldeng
  8. CD-Rom Track
Beinhaus - s/t
It's truly hairsplitting to see, which trash we get molested with in more or less regular intervals. The best example is this German "wanna be Industrial Metal"-formation, which apparently is out for maximum waste or resources and in their juvenile megalomania thought to be able to make some many with this crap.

Musically BEINHAUS do have got nothing, absolutely nothing to offer for demanding listeners. Dumb Techno-pumping, uninspired beats, nutty lyrics, equally dumb and ultra-repetitive samples and an abysmal production are the pillars of this album that better never had been released. To make it short, a really bad performance, which asks the question, what they had wanted with this. I doubt that anybody would spend money for it and it also isn't suitable for a present, unless you want to make somebody really mad at you for all eternity. And if they recorded this album just for fun, then a version on tape would have been enough for sure.

"Das Wort Muß Eine Waffe Sein" gets to my nerves from the beginning to the end, only forms negative thoughts about it and the longer the album lasts, the bigger the reflex to vomit gets. What the hell should we do with this? Any further word would be a pure waste of time and keeps you away from more important things. So hands off, off to the CD-rack, get a real classic (no matter which one, just a classic and that as fast as possible) and circle BEINHAUS very widely in the future, that's the only reasonable possibility of getting around this crap.

Why no points? It's easy, here is absolutely nothing positive to be detected, that's it. End, over and out! Into the gutter with this utter piece of crap. (Online November 4, 2002)

Alexander Ehringer

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