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Warlord - Rising Out Of The Ashes (10/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Epic Metal
Label: Drakkar
Playing time: 50:44
Band homepage: Warlord


  1. Battle Of The Living Dead
  2. Enemy Mind
  3. Invaders
  4. Winds Of Thor
  5. War In Heaven
  6. My Name Is Man
  7. Lucifer's Hammer
  8. Sons Of A Dream
  9. Achilles Revenge
Warlord - Rising Out Of The Ashes
Unbelievable, but they are back. The divine WARLORD. A band which always had a mysterious aura and is still appreciated by many people till today! On the debut of the whizz kids HAMMERFALL was with "Child Of The Damned" a cover version of WARLORD, so that the name appeared again. And some became attentive to this troup, of which only two real albums exist and that's "And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun", which was played live in 1985 und was actually just the soundtrack of the so called video. Then in 1986 came "Thy Kingdom Come".

There were two EPs and a "Best Of" in 1989 via Metal Blade, but that's it! Nevertheless is WARLORD one of the greatest cult bands ever. They were mysterious, used pseudonyms like THUNDERCHILD or DESTROYER and never had a gig. The keyboarder The Sentinel played with SAHARA and the drummer Thunderchild Mark Zonder is with FATES WARNING. Head and main songwriter of the band is William Tsamis, who hold the tradition of old WARLORD alive under the banner of LORDIAN GUARD. He let his own wife Vidonne sing. She did a fine job and the songs sound definitively like old WARLORD. Badly the LORDIAN GUARD albums were going down, because of the bad distribution and the average production.

Now old WARLORD appear again with Tsamis, Zonder and Joachim Cans from HAMMERFALL for the vocals. In the beginning I was very skeptical, if this Swedish greenhorn would fuck up the album. Only shit, he does a great job here and is not so unequal to his predecessors Damien King I and II! WARLORD's music has not lost a bit of its magic and fascination. On the contrary: finally with a great production, which its not too modern, the songs are better. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to attack one of these old untouchable classics. But for an album of 2002 "Rising Out Of The Ashes" sounds so affectingly and sublimely, so that I don't know any superlative!

Listen to this brilliant guitar playing, the same with the ingenious drumming! That's Epic Metal, which blows away almost every new release! Of course, I know that half of the songs are from LORDIAN GUARD, but they were just an insider! Here the songs light up in a perfect production and with improved singing! Every single tone is god! (Online August 14, 2002)

Ralf Henn

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