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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - BARBATOS - Let's Fucking Die!

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Barbatos - Let's Fucking Die! (7/10) - Japan - 2006

Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Displeased Records
Playing time: 40:54
Band homepage: -


  1. Metal Hangover
  2. Grave Violator
  3. Satanik Butcher! Apocalyptic War!
  4. Baby I'm Your Man
  5. My Girl Friend With Other Guy
  6. Satanik Devastation
  7. Beer Is My Leader
  8. Victory! Blazing War
  9. Crazy As Hell
  10. Smash The Fucking Disco's
  11. I'm Getting Sick Of You
  12. I Hate My Life
  13. Sodomy At The Graves
  14. Exterminations
  15. Raped In Hell
  16. Midway

Blackened Thrash all the way from Tokyo? Why the hell not. BARBATOS sound as drunk, vicious, and goddamn Metal  as the best from the European scene, quickly taking a nod from SODOM and upping the ante with a bit of MAYHEM. The constant rape, necrophilia, and alcoholic imagery in combination with a rather provocative album cover may prove over-the-top, yet the glorious hooks and fantastic riffage more than make this journey memorable.


Vocalist/bassist Yasuyuki Suzuki and drummer Youhei are the main pieces of this project, taking a break from their involvement in ABIGAIL to pummel the masses with unnerving volume. Session musicians round out the rest of the recording team as the whole entity comes together like an enormous battering ram which simply refuses to knock politely upon your door. Distorted guitars picked at a frenzied pace and deliberate up-tempo drumming provide the meat of the album, keeping things moving at a rapid pace and always kicking the listener in the jaw. You’re head will never cease to bob as you scream along with passion:


“Crushing bare
Never stop
Kamikaze attack

Victory! Blazing war!!!”


The production is absolutely raw as one would come to expect, perfectly enhancing frantic solos with an air of static pain and always keeping things pleasantly retro. This only enhances the Black Metal/Thrash/Punk vibe which is always snarling in your face like a vagrant dog fighting for scraps of sustenance. This factor, in combination with the excellent Old-School riffing, is what makes for such a fun and laid back Thrashing experience. Nothing is overly complex or technically mind-boggling; rather, this is Metal at its zenith in its most simplistic form.   


Pump your fist, bang your head, kick an Emo kid in the jaw; do something for christ’s sake. Simply sitting still and listening to this fucker would make even Lars Ulrich weep (and he doesn’t even have a soul). 


“Don't stop the metal music
We are hungry we need energy
Get off stage posers
I'm a fucking disco crusher

Where is my Beer?
Where is my Pussy?

Smash the fucking discos!!!”


…What? Exactly, you can’t resist this disc.

(Online April 3, 2007)

Charles Theel

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