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Silent Force - Worlds Apart (9,5/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 57:55
Band homepage: Silent Force


  1. Ride The Storm
  2. No One Lives Forever
  3. Hold On
  4. Once Again
  5. Master Of My Destiny
  6. Heroes
  7. Death Comes In Disguise
  8. Merry Minstrel
  9. Spread Your Wings
  10. Iron Hand
  11. Heart Attack
  12. Worlds Apart
Silent Force - Worlds Apart

Well, the fans of Melodic Metal who will remain untouched by the third record of the guys from SILENT FORCE should definitely let themselves be medically examined or at least sign up for a hearing test. Ok, maybe I am being a bit to euphoric, being a great fan of the ROYAL HUNT era with DC on the vocals. But I have already been convinced by their debut album “Empire Of The Future”. And with Dennis Ward they have found a great producer, cause the sound and the production of the record are just awesome!


The first two records of the band stayed in my memory also because of their excellent sound and production. But what would this all be without the really great songs that are on the albums mentioned above? And here on “Worlds Apart” we are offered the same performance, from the beginning till the very end we have a tour de force of all the musicians involved. There is no need in introducing DC Cooper to the fans of melodic Metal, I dare to hope, cause he has impressively indeed proven his vocal abilities on the ROYAL HUNT records, or with the different bands he performed with: MISSA MERCURIA, SHADOW GALLERY, EDENBRIDGE etc. and of course on his solo record, which also included Dennis Ward, both as producer and bassist. Mr. Alex Beyrodt, some of you may know from the SINNER records or from the band THE SYGNET, but he also performed a few shows with PRIMAL FEAR. The guy with the bass guitar, Jürgen Steinmetz, could be familiar from a band called HEADSTONE EPITAPH, the drummer Andre Hilgers has been in bands like VANIZE, THE SYGNET or AXXIS and we also have keyboarder Torsten Röhre (from BOURBON STREET – never heard of them). But it is more important that together under the name SILENT FORCE, they play some really awesome music. Music deeply rooted in the Power Metal soil.


The whole album bristles with power and energy. The guys waste no time at all and come straight to the point with the opener “Ride The Storm” already, and really live up to the name of this track. And it goes on in the same manner with tracks like “No One Lives Forever”, “Once Again” (with some PRETTY MAIDS affinities) or “Heroes”. But the mid-tempo songs like “Hold On” or “Master Of My Destiny” also convince through the same great melodies and catchy choruses. Of course you have a ballad on the record, and it hides behind the title: “Spread Your Wings”. All the other little secrets of this album are left for you to discover. There is really no need in presenting each and every song here, cause I presume you want to listen to the album as soon as possible, don’t you? I haven’t heard it for a really long time, and I am sure that it will rotate again for a few days (or weeks) in my player. I have nothing more to add, except: Enjoy!

(Online February 15, 2007)

Jenö Szöke

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