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Abscess - Horrorhammer (8,5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Tyrant Syndicate Productions
Playing time: 34:55
Band homepage: -


  1. Drink The Filth
  2. New Diseases
  3. Poison Messiah
  4. Another Private Hell
  5. Exterminate
  6. When Witches Burn
  7. Four Grey Walls
  8. Beneath A Blood Red Sun
  9. Horrorhammer
  10. Hellhole
  11. March Of The Plague
  12. The Eternal Pyre
Abscess - Horrorhammer





Wow ABSCESS rocks. That’s really all this review should be, but some of you (mainly you “cleaner” Metalheads) are going to need to be educated about this American Filth Wagon known as ABSCESS. Are you ready kids? I’m warning you it isn’t going to be pretty…


So what ABSCESS brings to the table is a slab of dirty old school Hardcore/Punk driven Death Metal that makes you feel as if you’ve spent the last half hour bathing in a tub of grease mixed in with various liquors, cigarette butts and crusty (filthy) substances that will remain nameless….use your imagination? Or not. See if I care.


Starting off with the appropriately titled “Drink The Filth” ABSCESS shows that this is not “just another Death Metal album”. The Punk touches and the crazy soloing show the listener that this whole musical journey will be equivalent to getting beaten with slimy catfish by some of the angriest Rednecks this side of “Deliverance”, trust me on that one kids. “Another Private Hell” along with “Exterminate” kicks up the Rock Out to 11 and the undeniably headbangable nature of the songs may just snap a few necks.


“Hellhole” shames a good amount of Death Metal out there because it shows those “other” Death Metal bands that countless breakdowns, triggered drums and tough guy vocals don’t always make for good Death Metal (do they ever?). It also shows that the power of the rock out and just a wee bit of energy can make just about anything awesome. So when you hear Johnny Football talking about his jock-filled Death Metal you can just shove a bit of ABSCESS in his face and shut him up for good. Respect.


Oh, and can you feel it? That’s “Horrorhammer” bringing full frontal awesomness to the scene, and a much needed kick in the arse for Death Metal in general. So kids, think you can handle it? Really? You do? Well then step right up, because this is some of the most blower music you’ll find outside of PENTACLE and ABOMINATOR’s newest albums.


Believe and again, Respect.

(Online April 6, 2007)

Sam Becherer

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