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Wintermoon - Arroganz (5/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Seelenkrieg Records
Playing time: 38:03
Band homepage: Wintermoon


  1. Dungeons Of Hell
  2. Pure Black
  3. Rise Of The Antichrist >mp3
  4. Satan, Eye Of The Night
  5. The Saving Sacrifice Of Christ
  6. Dawn Of Golgatha >mp3
  7. Killing The Holy Trinity
  8. Resurrection
Wintermoon - Arroganz

These middle-of-the-road albums are perhaps the easiest to review, but the most difficult to make interesting because, quite simply, they are not. WINTERMOON, as with their previous album, turned their backs on any Black Metal influences outside of the DARKTHRONE comfort bubble. The epitome of what a friend of mine labelled DarkCLONES, WINTERMOON’s “Arroganz” is, at face value, cut from the same cloth as DARKTHRONE’s “Under A Funeral Moon” masterpiece. However, this is a cheaper cloth, lacking the finery of the original. 


As a brief aside, I reviewed a demo band called NECROCCULT some time ago and thanks to the wonder that is Metal Archives, I have discovered that these jokers are the same jokers playing the same material for that other average DARKTHRONE tribute. What was the point in having two bands playing the exact same style with the exact same members?


Getting back on track, bands such as ARMAGEDDA have shown that this wonderful style can be successfully cloned, but for the most part it ends in disaster or in simply being a good, but watered down version. Diet DARKTHRONE, for those too stupid to pop the original in their CD player. Illustrations are useless, the original, the best, the DARKTHRONE is the benchmark by which all else is judged and therefore, comparatively, this fails utterly. Perhaps a little harsh, but in a saturated scene average just doesn’t cut the mustard.

(Online April 7, 2007)

Niall Kennedy

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