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Volt - Rörhät (6,5/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Noise Rock
Label: Exile On Mainstream Records
Playing time: 35:12
Band homepage: Volt


  1. Kreuz
  2. Griffel
  3. Frommbug
  4. Zwigillusion
  5. Stativ
  6. Hospital In Wales
  7. Praecox
  8. Dr. Crox Medusa
  9. VLT
Volt - Rörhät

"Rörhät" is the last release by German noisers VOLT. Since a few years ago, these guys from Chemnitz had been delivering extremely ugly music, with cacophonic guitars and fucked off voices, corroding to the bones the listener with heavy, demolishing sounds that are anything but a pleasant experience. These lads had taken over their shoulders the legacy left by Noise Rock masters JESUS LIZARD, and, how not, THE MELVINS and created by their own a few truly underdeveloped soundscapes. Believe me man, as a Metalhead from a conservative country, I had suffered for years the comments of friends and relatives about my music being pure noise, this time, for once, they would be totally right but what the fuck...bands like OXBOW had taught me that pure noise can be damn great when done well.


“Rörhät” is not a long album, but the 35 minutes it lasts are a very hard dish to digest. I had listened to VOLT in small doses previously and I had truly enjoyed it. Two or three songs of this shit are a fair quantity of brain corruption, but after 1/2 hour of this symphony for chainsaws, here I am, agonizing in the ground and begging for some fresh air. Noise Rock is meant to be a shocking stench and VOLT succeeded inventing rotten atmospheres, but I would think it twice before paying for it. With "Rörhät", VOLT achieved the art of suffocating people, but didn't really found the way to make us enjoy the torture.

(Online April 7, 2007)

Daniel Barros

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