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Lizzy Borden - Love You To Pieces (10/10) - USA - 1985

Genre: US-Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 40:57
Band homepage: Lizzy Borden


  1. Council For The Caldron
  2. Psychopath
  3. Save Me
  4. Red Rum
  5. Love You To Pieces
  6. American Metal
  7. Flesh Eater
  8. Warfare
  9. Godiva
  10. Rod Of Iron
Lizzy Borden - Love You To Pieces

LIZZY BORDEN are one of the absolute cult bands of US Metal. They wrote Metal history with albums such as “Love You To Pieces” or the commercially more successful “Visual Lies”.


Formed in 1983 in Los Angeles by vocalist Lizzy, his brother, drummer Joey Scott Harges, bassist Mike Kenny and guitarist Tony Matuzak, their song “Rod Of Iron” was featured on the legendary Metal Massacre Sampler Part IV, with label boss Brian Slagel offering them a record contract afterwards. The band name was inspired by the legendary Lizzy Borden, who allegedly killed her parents brutally with an axe on 4th August 1982.


After the first EP „Give Em An Axe“, they finally released a full-length album in „Love You To Pieces”. It was an ingenious work beyond comparison, with the opener “Council For The Caldron” being a speedy headbanger with high-pitched vocals that sweeps through your house. Lizzy is an extremely polarizing vocalist, but his extremely high-pitched, yet always melodic voice is definitely unique! “Psychopath” is a great melodic song, a true classic, just like everything on this damn godly CD! “Save Me” is more first-class Hard Rock than Metal with an excellent chorus. “Red Rum” is an anthemic stomper with mammoth balls and a sing along chorus! The title track, which is rather balladesque, with Lizzy getting crazy towards the end, is more than your typical commercial ballad. Neat! “American Metal” is the next anthem, and a great one at that. Simple and hypnotic! Those who are not captivated, those who don’t sing along to it and don’t hold their fist in the air must be either fans of Metalcore or deaf or something even worse. What is striking time and again is the slightly MAIDEN-like guitar work by the dream team Matuzak/Allen. “Flesheater” is one of my absolute favourite songs of good old US Metal and simply perfect! Speed, godly guitars and Lizzy in great shape! Of course, there once again are obscene lyrics that must not be taken seriously, which is something you have come to expect from the band. “Warfare” is more Hard Rock again and has a hook line that doesn’t seem to be of this world. “Godiva” is rather speedy, and thinking about the collection of godly tracks this album contains is downright scary. As a worthy closer, you get the above-mentioned “Rod Of Iron”, which ultimately got the band a deal with Metal Blade. The song just is a classic and that’s the truth…I know – yawn!!!


I could go on praising this dream-like album that is one of the must-have discs in any Metal collection for hours. Such an atmosphere, such songs almost don’t exist anymore nowadays. Of course, I am aware of the fact that this album is something different to me than it is to younger head bangers. I grew up with it and “Love You To Pieces” means a lot to me. However, even without this special relationship Lizzy considers this work to be one of his most essential ones. And all in all, most fans share this opinion. Of course, “Visual Lies” and “Menace To Society” were great, too, but even those high-quality albums don’t come close to this album.

(Online April 14, 2007)

Ralf Henn

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