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Claustrofobia - Fulminant (5/10) - Brazil - 2007

Genre: Thrash Metal / Death Metal
Label: Caustic Rhythms
Playing time: 47:25
Band homepage: Claustrofobia


  1. Disorder And Decay
  2. Reality Show >mp3
  3. Claustruth >mp3
  4. Underground Party
  5. Itís Not Enough To ExceedÖYou Must Run Over
  6. Terror Against Terror
  7. Protective Hate
  8. Witness
  9. Roots Of Disease
  10. Eu Quero E Que Se Foda >mp3
  11. Necessary Evil (Napalm Death cover)
  12. Two Faced
  13. Fact
Claustrofobia - Fulminant

Hey, sometimes a name misspelling is done on purpose. I checked out, and there were over 5 bands named CLAUSTROPHOBIA (the proper spelling), yet only one CLAUSTROFOBIA. So the small typo in the name was intentional.


Anyway, these guys are from Brazil and throughout their career, theyíve opened for acts like SOULFLY, DESTRUCTION & HATE ETERNAL. Like the first Metal band to have made it out of Brazil (SEPULTURA) and into the international market, CLAUSTROFOBIA plays Thrash/Death Metal and sprinkles on some groovy elements.


Two problems struck me right off the bat, and thatís not a good thing. One, the production isnít very good. Everything sounds thin and the record sounds like a demo. I wonít hold it against the band mainly because I have no idea how easy (or excruciatingly difficult) it is to get half-decent mastering in a country like Brazil.


The second isÖthe unoriginality. Iíve heard this before. Itís a cross between DYING FETUS and SEPULTURA with some CANNIBAL CORPSE for flavouring, but done in such a way that brings absolutely nothing new to the table. Itís not atrociously bad, but thereís nothing good about this either. Itís extremely bland, where I can put this in the background and then not notice when itís no longer playing.


ďFulminantĒ isnít bad, nor is it good. It just is.

(Online April 18, 2007)

Armen Janjanian

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