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Lightning - Filthy Human Beings (6,5/10) - Spain - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Xtreem Music
Playing time: 40:00
Band homepage: Lightning


  1. Predatory Gaze
  2. Bowed To The Stream
  3. Dried Eyes
  4. Fifty More Years Of Blood
  5. Mask Of Sanity
  6. Dreadful Heavenly Body
  7. Uncertain World
  8. And  Life Scapes...
  9. Bleak Lands
  10. Phenol in Blood
Lightning - Filthy Human Beings

This band has been alive and kicking for 17 whole years. Appropriately, their sound is a mixture of both new and old school Death Metal, with the occasional Thrash overtone. 


LIGHTNING have a fairly balanced mode of attack. The tempo is generally faster than mid-paced, and could be called melodic at times, although there aren’t any real melodies to speak of.  The riffing is all quite clean, sounding at fair bit (almost TOO much in “Dreadful Heavenly Body”, damn riff thieving Spaniards [honestly, the lead at the end of this song is stolen straight out of “Voice Of The Soul”]) like post-“Human” era DEATH. There are also some fairly obvious Swedish Death throwbacks, which are reminiscent of CARCASS and BLOODBATH. The drums play a backseat role, with plenty of smooth double kicking and some of the tamest blast beats ever digitally imprinted on a circular piece of plastic.


Vocalist Carlos Enríquez delivers a fairly standard performance, with mid level growls that bear the very slightest of Black Metal edges at times. Interestingly enough, the track “Fifty More Years Of Blood” features some very subtle, mournful female vocal harmonies, which change the entire mood of the song. It’s a pity LIGHTNING didn’t utilize them further, as they are definitely a nice touch.


A lot of the material on “Filthy Human Beings” sounds alike, but you would be idiotic to approach a Death Metal album expecting anything less. To their credit though, LIGHTNING have found a fairly enjoyable formula, and are delivering it in a respectable manner. Interesting leads and solos abound, although very few are at standard where they could truly catapult this album into greatness, or even very goodnes. “Filthy Human Beings” won’t be hailed as classic, but its a good choice for anyone looking for a band that combines “Sound Of Perseverance” styled song writing (albeit less expansive and technical) with smatterings of later CARCASS and a touch of MORBID ANGEL.

(Online April 19, 2007)

Lachlan McKellar

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