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Severe Torture - Misanthropic Carnage (5,5/10) - Netherlands - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 32:28
Band homepage: Severe Torture


  1. Mutilation Of The Flesh
  2. Meant To Suffer
  3. Carnivorous Force
  4. Misanthropic Carnage
  5. Blinded I Slaughter
  6. Impelled To Kill
  7. Castrated
  8. Forever To Burn
  9. Your Blood Is Mine
Severe Torture - Misanthropic Carnage
Let's take the same and begin everything again! "Feasting On Blood" had showed us the colour, and the mini CD "Butchery Of The Soul", released only a few weeks ago, had confirmed the whole thing… SEVERE TORTURE is some kind of CANNIBAL CORPSE cover band, which really kicks ass when it comes to violence, but don't use their brains too much when it comes to writing.

So of course, "Misanthropic Carnage" is in the same vein, and behind this very ugly artwork can be found a CD containing nine tracks of fat and bloody Death Metal, half way between "Tomb Of The Mutilated" and "Vile", but with a voice more virile than Chris Barnes and George Corpsegrinder together. Even the bass is a bit in the style of what could be heard on the CANNIBAL CORPSE albums released in the first half of the nineties.

SEVERE TORTURE affirm themselves as a precise and straight band, who play well and will take your energy, but that will enthusiasm only the pure fans of Death Metal. You know, the kind of people who only listen to Death Metal, and that since 1989… (Online August 13, 2002)

Thomas Bonnicel

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