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Mena Brinno - Moon Fever (7/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 17:41
Band homepage: Mena Brinno


  1. Nightbird
  2. This Meeting
  3. The Lone Green Valley
  4. Theodora
Mena Brinno - Moon Fever

It looks like once again the USA is beginning to jump on the coattails of Europe, this time in the form of rising star genre of female-fronted Gothic Rock/Metal. With the rapid rising stock of LACUNA COIL and the superstardom of the USA’s own EVANESCENCE (if you want to lump them in the genre), it’s really no surprise that eventually more bands of this ilk would begin to surface in the States. The band in question is Tampa Bay, Florida’s MENA BRINNO, and the album is the band’s debut EP/demo, “Moon Fever”.


Let’s get this out of the way first, the four songs on “Moon Fever” bring nothing new to the table whatsoever. You get the typical soft to loud dynamics, some nice little fancy keyboard “orchestration”, and the crooning feminine vocals. There is a touch of folk sprinkled through the final two tracks, which helps the album stand on its own feet.  Occasionally the music rises to decent amounts of heaviness, just hear the chorus of “The Lone Green Valley”, but it’s nothing that hasn’t been touched by the likes of DELIGHT and others. There are really nice guitar solos in both “Nightbird” and “This Meeting”, and the rest of instrumentation is sturdy, but rarely flashy. Vocalist Katy Decker (formerly of ROYAL ANGUISH) are pleasing to the ear, with great range, which is a definite plus since the album is clearly based around her vocals.


With the exception of the previously mentioned “The Lone Green Valley”, the songs on “Moon Fever” aren’t as memorable as the genre demands, but for a first try you can’t really fault MENA BRINNO. The production is clear and well-above demo standards, so everything sounds good. For a first try “Moon Fever” is beyond passable to the realm of being pretty good. If the folk elements of the last two tracks are expanded upon, MENA BRINNO could really turn into something.

(Online May 1, 2007)

Eric Vieth

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