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Suicidal Winds - Total Death 'N Live (6,5/10) - Sweden - 2006

Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Pulverised Records
Playing time: 44:03
Band homepage: Suicidal Winds


  1. In Deathís Domain
  2. Wrath Of The Slaughter
  3. The Mangler
  4. Suicidal Death
  5. Winds Of Death
  6. Misanthropic Anger
  7. Evilís Eternal Power
  8. Morbid Temptation
  9. Sign Of Evil (Violent Force Cover)
  10. Demonic Prayer
  11. Crush Us With Fire
  12. Rapehammer
  13. The Road To Hell
  14. Total Death (Kreator Cover)
Suicidal Winds - Total Death 'N Live

Why does the world need a second (!) live album by a completely unknown underground band called SUICIDAL WINDS that has only released two studio albums and some splits? Are those suicidal winds their own farts, by the way? I didnít know you could actually kill yourself with them.

Okay, basically, what the winds produce here isnít bad: primitive old school Black Thrash. Thatís my thing, actually. If they also play cover versions of old KREATOR or VIOLENT FORCE, this canít be that bad, can it? Yes, it can! I donít even mean that in a negative way. To all tech freaks and sound fetishists, this album is aural terror and the band is a gang of rowdies. The shit-covered fuck finger in the face of any hi-fi fanatic, so to speak. This rumbles and pounds until you drop. Iíd like to hear a studio record by these Swedes to see if they blast away as mercilessly on there as well.

So to all those for who music can never be raw enough and who consider the first SODOM, old MAYHEM, the KREATOR debut or the express train thatís just driving past to be the most innovative stuff in the Metal biz, you may want to get this, the rest should skip to the next review! Enuff said!

(Online April 28, 2007)

Ralf Henn

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