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Jesu - Conqueror (8,5/10) - Great Britain - 2007

Genre: Pop Rock / Drone
Label: Hydra Head
Playing time: 58:00
Band homepage: Jesu


  1. Conqueror
  2. Old Year
  3. Transfigure
  4. Weightless & Horizontal
  5. Medicine
  6. Brighteyes
  7. Mother Earth
  8. Stanlow


Jesu - Conqueror

Year after year JESU delight us with a new release. Justin Broadrick's creatrive energy seems to be neverending, and so is his wandering for new musical horizons. What started as a heavy KHANATE-esque drone in "Heartache" had progressively became more experminental, turning into a subtle yet crushing Pop Rock with industrial touches in last year's "Silver", and following the same direction in the newly released "Conqueror", JESU's most mellow offering to date.

Vocals in this album are totally clean, the strings are ethereal and psychedelic and the rhythm much slower. The atmosphere created in "Conqueror" is very hypnotic, with guitars leaving behind the riffing through long passages to flirt with post-rock melodic harmonies, while the bass sounds very heavy and distorted. This is an extremely low-tuned album, with a dronish soil corroding from below the mellow singing. In all Broadrick's creations we can hear a perfect harmonic balance, and "Conqueror" is not the exception... the music flows through an inmense variety of melodies, intensities and textures, without interruption.

The production in rather raw. At first I thought it was bad this mix between clean melodic lines and the underdeveloped noise crawling from drowned drums, and guitars being difficult to differenciate, but after a while I realized that the tangled sound builds a soft, delicious narcotic feeling that you should love. "Conqueror" is not an easily accessible album, but when it catches you it produces an addictive feeling embracing you with a shining mood...

To conclude, "Conqueror" is a very recommended purchase, not only for its high musical value, but also because there's no other metal band sounding like JESU nowadays.

(Online May 6, 2007)

Daniel Barros

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