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Bulldozer - Regenerated In The Grave (10/10) - Italy - 2006

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Metal Mind Records
Playing time: 202:08
Band homepage: Bulldozer


The Day Of Wrath

1.       The Exorcism

2.       Cut Throat

3.       Insurrection Of The Living Damned

4.       Fallen Angel

5.       The Great Decceiver

6.       Mad Man

7.       Whisky Time

8.       Welcome Death

9.       Endless Funeral

10.   Fallen Angel

11.   The Final Separation


The Final Separation

1.       Ride Hard-Die Fast

2.       The Cave

3.       Sex Symbols’ Bullshit

4.       “Don” Andras

5.       Never Relax!

6.       Don’t Trust The “Saint”

7.       The Death Of Gods

8.       Another Beer (It’s What I Need



1.       IX

2.       Desert!

3.       Ilona The Very Best

4.       Misogynists

5.       Heaven’s Ven’s Jail

6.       Rob “Klister”

7.       The Derby

8.       No-Way

9.       The Vision Never Fades

10.   The Derby (AC Wild+LABYRINTH)

11.   Neurodeliri



1.       Neurodeliri

2.       Minkions

3.       We Are…Italian

4.       Art Of Deception

5.       Ilona Had Been Elected

6.       Impotence

7.       Mors Tua-Vita Mea

8.       Willful Death

9.       You’ll Be Recalled

10.   Dance Got Sick-Part One


Alive…In Poland

1.       IX/Desert!

2.       Ilona The Very Best

3.       Impotence

4.       The Derby

5.       Heaven’s Jail

6.       Minkions

7.       Don’t Trust The Saint/The Cave

8.       Mors Tua Vita Mea

9.       The Final Separation

10.   Overkill

11.   Willfull Death (You’ll Be Recalled)

Bulldozer - Regenerated In The Grave

I have to praise the company Metal Mind Productions big time, for what these Poles created in the form of the "Regenerated From The Grave...“ box is simply god-like! All four studio albums by BULLDOZER as well as the farewell album combined in one box, that’s what makes old school Thrashers get excited. Now all of the BULLDOZER albums have already been released on CD, but these things were just recorded from vinyl, and that’s what it sounds like, horrible, that is.

However, the albums have been revised, which is a good thing, especially with the first two albums. BULLDOZER were bad-mouthed by the press on a regular basis in the 80’s, could there really be anything special coming from Italy?! Thus the band became a cult act in the underground, and rightfully so. Okay, the debut was nothing more than a VENOM rip-off, but how many bands have already failed to create something like that? BULLDOZER weren’t second to the English trio by any means. The reissue of that album contains a bonus track in the form of the title track of the ’84 single „Fallen Angel“, which sounds a lot like MOTÖRHEAD. A really good album that is appreciated by old Black Metallers.

The seminal effort from ’86, „The Final Separation“, still followed the VENOM direction, but it was technically better and more varied. You can’t deny various small melodies either, just listen to the neat “Ride Hard-Die Fast”. A huge TANK influence can’t be denied in most of the songs either. VENOM+TANK=BULLDOZER? Yes, you could put it that way. Just listen to the B-side of the above-mentioned single, namely “Another Beer (It’s What I Need)”. There’s nothing but killers on this album.

However, the follow-up „IX“ is even better. The Italians finally indulge in Thrash Metal here and are easily able to compete with bands such as old SODOM, DESTRUCTION, HIRAX, RAZOR, ... Due to the very provoking lyrics, the band was once again given a roasting, but fans could care less. It certainly wasn’t because of the music, as it is amazing throughout. Fast as hell for the most part and extremely recognizable. “The Derby”, which was laid down by mastermind AC Wild together with LABYRINTH live in Tokyo and tacked on to the disc as a bonus track, is the highlight of the disc. The rest of the songs should make die hard Thrashers go crazy as well, though. There are hardly any reference points here, BULLDOZER had finally found their own style with “IX”.

This style was enhanced on „Neurodeliri“, the last studio effort. Even more furious, even more brutal, even meaner than on the outstanding previous album, BULLDOZER crush all of their competitors. Sure, there are loads of acts which sound more fast and brutal nowadays, but they are also way more monotonous and very boring. These Italians and their songs ooze with charisma, and that’s the truth!!! “Neurodeliri”, which was dedicated to the deceased original bassist, was enhanced by short, horror-like keyboard samples. The bonus track “Dance Got Sick-Part One” is a strange mixture between Dancefloor music and the band’s own sound, which doesn’t sound bad.

Finally, you get „Alive...In Poland“ where the trio and the fans really reach a state of frenzy. To get back to “Neurodeliri”: Some of the tracks flow seamlessly into each other, which is why there are only 9 songs instead of the 11 tracks listed on the sleeve. The box also contains all lyrics, liner notes by the master and it’s limited to 2000 copies. You just have to know this if you are an 80’s Thrasher and it’s worth any price. The maximum rating isn’t enough for this.

(Online May 7, 2007)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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