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Sathanas - Armies Of Charon (5/10) - USA - 1997

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Conquistador
Playing time: 35:24
Band homepage: Sathanas


  1. Intro
  2. Armies Of Charon
  3. Servant To The Ungod
  4. Exorcism
  5. Palace Of Belial
  6. Resurrect
  7. Before The Throne
  8. Into Darkness
  9. Devoured By The Beast
  10. Prophecy Unfolds
  11. Writhe In Sin
Sathanas - Armies Of Charon

The devil is playing his game on this album, too. However, it’s rather a kindergarten game with the rotten with the marbles of the fallen saints. Okay, the songs come across as somewhat more brutal and less disjointed than they did on “Black Earth”, but nevertheless I can only describe call this album average.

About 2-3 songs are really listenable, but after that you’ll start yawning. As on the previous effort, the drummer incorporates a lot of fills and breaks and some of the riffs kick ass, but no tune is able to build up suspense or potential to become a hit. The song that’s most successful at doing so is “
Palace Of Belial”. But apart from that?

Maybe there are some perverts out there who’ve always wanted to know how extremely bored OBITUARY or NUNSLAUGHTER combined with a crappy Black Metal shouter would sound. If there actually are freaks of that sort, they absolutely have to check this album out!

What else is there to say? Well, the sound is a bit more powerful than it used to be, only the drums still sound shitty and the cover artwork is excellent. That’s why I add one whole point. Isn’t that great?

(Online May 7, 2007)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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