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Nightrage - A New Disease Is Born (5/10) - Sweden - 2007

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Lifeforce Records
Playing time: 45:09
Band homepage: Nightrage


  1. Spiral
  2. Reconcile
  3. Death-Like Silence
  4. A Condemned Club >mp3
  5. Scars Of The Past
  6. De-Fame
  7. Scathing
  8. Surge Of Pity
  9. Encircle
  10. Drone
  11. Spiritual Impulse
  12. A New Disease Is Born (Instrumental)
Nightrage - A New Disease Is Born

The reason I know about NIGHTRAGE at all, is because of ex-AT THE GATES vocalist Tomas Lindberg. He did the screams, sneers, and growls on their first albums, you see. I havenít given any of them a listen, as Iím very selective when it comes to Melodic Death Metal. IN FLAMES are responsible for this with their release of ďThe Jesterís RaceĒ, it serves as a benchmark when reviewing bands claiming (or claimed) to be playing the same kind of music. Itís not the only of course.


NIGHTRAGE is listed as Swedish band but the founder is not from such shores, we are talking about an immigrant here. One that contributes. Mario Iliopoulos hails from Łber Christian Greece (theyíve pictures of Jesus even on telephone cards) and that may be one of the reasons for his move to the heathen north.


The music, however, is as Swedish as it gets.


Take SOILWORK, IN FLAMES (modern), DARK TRANQUILLITY, and you have more than enough information to decide if this band is worth a check. If you are totally unfamiliar with the genre (whatís the address to the stone you live under?) I would like to inform you that this mix equals emotions blended with ďheavyĒ riffs. Very brief there, but you know pretty much all by now.    


As usual when it comes to Swedish bands, itís pretty much flawless concerning technical skills and sound quality. Unless you listen to gritty stuff exclusively, of course; if so, then I (or rather Alex) just found you another thing to hate. Personally my feelings are lukewarm.


Iíve heard it all before, and better. If you are young, or just havenít listened much to Melodic Death Metal yet, (but have nothing against the idea of doing so) NIGHTRAGE is a good starting-point.


Iím way too jaded for this stuff to ignite me.  

(Online May 16, 2007)

Arve Henriksen

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