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Paganize - Evilution Hour (5/10) - Norway - 2007

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 60:09
Band homepage: Paganize


  1. The Hour
  2. Conscience
  3. Dark
  4. Hollow
  5. Turn Of The Tide
  6. The Wraith
  7. Divinity In Vain
  8. Blind Eyes
  9. Mary King´s Close
  10. Unfolded
Paganize - Evilution Hour

Like it or not, the nostalgic grey haired rocker will have to accept the fact that classic Metal music is being all the more passé these days. Young people want brutality, aggression and brooding messages in their daily Metal quotas, something that reflects the current state of the world around us.


PAGANIZE is a relatively new Norwegian band. Behind this rather dull moniker we have ex EMPEROR violent skinsman Trym among others, which is quite surprising, even more so that Candlelight Records are releasing their debut. The objective is simple. I´ve no doubt that the members comprising the name PAGANIZE, have spent quality times in more extreme bands in one way or another, and now they´ve agreed to bring back some of that vintage back-to-basic Metal to the world.


When listening to “Evilution Hour”, I find myself more occupied in pinpointing the band´s countless influences rather than paying attention to the songs. The harsh reality of a release like this, is the fact that not a single song tries to evoke a certain sound that stands on its own. While it has dawned on me that the band does everything right, from playing their instruments quite well to covering a wide spectrum of classic Metal (and microscopic plunges into Progressive Metal) ground, there´s nothing on this album that excites me, and I don´t think I´ll be alone in my views.


The concept around PAGANIZE should be marketed with less focus on how this band will bring back the roots of Metal, let´s just see it for what it is, a healthy and somewhat naive tribute to the old guard. Seriously, if you have been through MAIDEN, PRIEST, ACCEPT and know of the elderly Power Metal sounds of early FATES WARNING, you don´t really need to hear this.

(Online May 16, 2007)

Frodi Stenberg

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