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Rose Tattoo - Blood Brothers (7/10) - Australia - 2007

Genre: Rock'n'Roll
Label: Armageddon Music
Playing time: 40:57
Band homepage: -


  1. Black Eyed Bruiser
  2. Slipping Away
  3. Once In A Lifetime
  4. 1854
  5. City Blues
  6. Sweet Meat
  7. Man About Town
  8. Creeper
  9. Stand Over Man
  10. Nothing To Loose
  11. Lubricated
Rose Tattoo - Blood Brothers

Australia’s ROSE TATTOO probably are the band with the most bad luck as far as blows of fate are concerned. The cancer disease is hanging over the band like the sword of Damocles. After Ian Rilen, Pete Wells has lost the battle against this devil, too, and you did not know if the band would go on.

But Angry and the rest carried on with the tattooed rose in the name of Wells, and I am sure he would have wanted them to do so. “Blood Brothers” is full of hits. Stylistically everything has stayed the same, even without Pete Wells they still sound unmistakably like ROSE TATTOO. Only the dirt, the sleaze of the old days is not present anymore. The production just is too clean for my taste and it is a weak point. You will not find any classics like “Astra Wally”, “The Butcher And Fast Eddie” or “Nice Boys” on here but well-done, bluesy songs that are honest and hand-made and full of good hooks.


Even the good old slide guitar is there. I think Pete Wells would be content. I am too, actually I would not have expected such good but not outstanding album. This band is indestructible and deserves my respect!

(Online May 27, 2007)

Ralf Henn

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