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Grave Digger - Liberty Or Death (8/10) - Germany - 2007

Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Label: Locomotive Music
Playing time: 56:48
Band homepage: Grave Digger


  1. Liberty Or Death
  2. Ocean Of Blood
  3. Highland Tears
  4. The Terrible One
  5. Until The Last King Died
  6. March Of The Innocent
  7. Silent Revolution
  8. Shadowland
  9. Forecourt To Hell
  10. Massada
Grave Digger - Liberty Or Death

GRAVE DIGGER may live in a Heavy Metal vacuum where the only sounds centre around quite ferocious guitar riffs, solid wall head hurting drumming plus excruciating throat burning vocals but this is GRAVE DIGGER Heavy Metal and really the way Metal should be played.


Okay HAMMERFALL, FIREWIND and PRIMAL FEAR might still the limelight in the Power Metal genre but pitched against Boltendahl and crew they are still the young pretenders.


GRAVE DIGGER is on their fourteenth or is it fifteenth album? Who cares that in the terms of musical development they’ve travelled about an inch but when you hear the opening riff to ‘’March Of The Innocent’’ all thoughts of progression are truly redundant. Why the need to improve or move on when you do the basics so well and few do Heavy Metal more justice than these German legends.


Withstanding the coarse vocal attack of Boltendahl, a much required taste to many ears, it’s the awesome guitar sound of Manni Schmidt that carries the essence of the GRAVE DIGGER sound. A true unheralded axe hero Schmidt delivers time and time again soaring riff crescendos that really do beat the listener into submission.


Just what GRAVE DIGGER feed on to sustain the all out Metal attack across this album is probably illegal but hail the conquering heroes on tracks like the punishing riff fest of ‘’Ocean Of Blood’’, ‘’Forecourt Of Hell’’ or ‘’The Terrible One’’ as if a title like that was ever going to be a ballad! Boltendahl’s continued fascination with Scotland surfaces once again on the bag-piped intro to ‘’Highland Tears’’ And without missing a beat Schmidt fires a devastating riff that would knock even William Wallace from his trusted steed. A welcome respite to the mayhem and madness comes in the shape of the highly melodic ‘’Silent Revolution’’ a cross between ACCEPT and AC/DC in full groove mode marks a slight change of pace for a band better known for its sheer Heavy Metal attack. However with Boltendahl’s gravel pit voice attached the inalienable GRAVE DIGGER sound isn’t going anywhere fast.


The inexorable GRAVE DIGGER spirit continues unabated and undiminished. It is a testament to both Metal and GRAVE DIGGER that a band almost universally overlooked over such a lengthy career still has the blood, sweat and guts to produce a quality product time after time. For that alone I salute them.

(Online May 21, 2007)

Chris Doran

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