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xDEATHSTARx - We Are The Threat (8,5/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Hardcore Metal
Label: Facedown Records
Playing time: 34:00
Band homepage: xDEATHSTARx


  1. Where's Your Faith Now
  2. Burn Everything
  3. We Are The Threat
  4. The Wake
  5. Decline Of The Western Civilization
  6. Through Dead Eyes
  7. The Geat Opiate
  8. City Of Lost Children
  9. Because The Flesh Is Weak
  10. Fallen Sons
  11. Salvation

"We Are The Threat" is not the first album by Californians xDEATHSTARx, but it seems to be the first to receive an important praise by the specialized media. I was reading reviews while listening for the first time, to see what the hardcore experts had to say about it, and it seemed to be a general opinion that these guys are worthy... I even found myself in front of a review written in a Christian portal about Christian music... of course the technical details in that one were poor, because I can't ask the writer for a site dedicated to religion to have knowledge about metalized hardcore, but he put emphasis on the spiritual side of the lyrics, that are an important part of xDEATHSTARx's offering. They still mantain a kick-ass attitude, but their stand is rude against the loss of values in modern society. Nerdy as it sounds, they're still among the best lyricists among the extreme Hardcore scene.

But xDEATHSTARx's offering is not just about thematical concepts. Musically, they're incredibly strong and use a daring element that make them special: they have no less than three vocalists. In the paper, this can sound pretty pretentious, but in this case there's a musical idea before and the vocal game is just the best part of this band. On the other hand, they don't abuse of this gearing, and the clean vocals are not used often. The rest of the game, is not really different from the thousand of other new york-style hardcore bands with thrash metal touches... a devastating yet simple riffing, a neurotic drumming and little melody, fierce density. Not being obsessed by hardcore, and only owning albums by HATEBREED and BLACK FLAG from that genre, I'm obviously adding this one to my collection.

(Online May 22, 2007)

Daniel Barros

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