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Kingdom Of Salvation - Lost In Chaos (7/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 46:46
Band homepage: Kingdom Of Salvation


  1. The Flames Of Revenge
  2. Lost In Chaos
  3. Misery Broadcast
  4. Salvation Denied
  5. Replacing The Damned
  6. Crusader
  7. Exit Human
  8. Betrayal
  9. Tyrant Of Terror
  10. When The Sky Turns Red
  11. Chapter XI (Epilogue)
Kingdom Of Salvation - Lost In Chaos

Leverkusen’s (Germany) KINGDOM OF SALVATION are a death/Thrash Metal band who have released their debut in “Lost In Chaos”. The fact that this is more than just ordinary Death/Thrash becomes apparent quite soon upon listening.


The band combines rather equal amounts of both styles and adds melodic guitars and skilful time changes to the whole thing. Apart from the up-tempo killers that are typical of the genre, like “Misery Broadcast” or “When The Sky Turns Red”, the band also offers more intricate or sluggish material such as the title track or “Betrayal”. Those who prefer things to be more harmonic and catchy should check out the songs “Crusader” or “The Flames Of revenge” (two highlights to me). As you can see, there is something to enjoy for everybody. Especially the mix between heaviness and melody is balanced. Unfortunately, there are some rather average tunes on here as well, which is not too bad, though. What I consider to be especially well-done with KINGDOM OF SALVATION are the melodic solos (in a rather classic Heavy Metal vein), which separates them from the usual noisy solos of most of the comparable bands. With that said, this is not innovative or new. Regarding the sound, there is not much to complain about, even though it is not on the same level as a professional production. For a self-produced debut the whole thing still sounds above-average.


Those who are into the German veterans such as KREATOR and do not mind melodic Death Metal should give KINGDOM OF SALVATION  a try. This band could make it. There is a lot work to be done, but most bands do not have as good a start as these guys from Leverkusen. So, bangers, check it out.


Check out tips: „Crusader“, „The Flames Of Revenge” or “Lost In Chaos”

(Online July 3, 2007)

Patrick Weiler

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