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I.N.R.I. - Ultra Sonic Hatestorm (7/10) - Netherlands - 2007

Genre: Thrash Metal / Death Metal
Label: Disconcert Music
Playing time: 38:11
Band homepage: I.N.R.I.


  1. Power-Violence
  2. Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
  3. One Happy Thought Of Elimination
  4. The Iron Deathslam
  5. Humanitron
  6. Culture Cunt
  7. Thrash Until Found Worthy
  8. Bullet Cumshot
  9. Fire, Flames And Other Tools To Kill You
  10. Fucking Nothingness
  11. Ego Extremist
  12. 1,000 Pounds Of Pure Satan
  13. Nihilityblaster
I.N.R.I. - Ultra Sonic Hatestorm

True to form, I.N.R.I. return with a second release. “Ultra Sonic Hatestorm” offers thirteen brief smatterings of extreme speed with a few catchy riffs along the way. Guitarists Patrick Koning and Wilfred Spijker demonstrate a conscious effort to blend Thrash and Death Metal stylings with this release, and the addition of new drummer Martin enables I.N.R.I to experiment with a few time signature changes as well.


High points of this release include “One Happy Thought Of Elimination” and “Humanitron” as these songs offer unique riffs in their introductions and decent leads. “The Iron Deathslam” hosts a nice solo in its mid-section, but as with many tracks on “Ultra Sonic Hatestorm” the band’s intensity is overcast with a severe lack of song structure and dynamics. Each track races at full volume to its own conclusion, much like most listeners will do when searching for tracks that build to a finale as opposed to starting strong and hoping to conclude with the same pace.


The lyrical subject matter of “Ultra Sonic Hatestorm” lacks depth and substance, but one might expect this from a release with song titles like “Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition,” “Bullet Cumshot,” and “Thrash Until Found Worthy.” Intellectual Metalheads will ignore this release or resell it on the used CD market while those seeking a soundtrack for grudge fucking and back-alley brawls will find it a treasure. Henri Veltink’s guttural vocals resemble a cross between Johan Hegg of AMON AMARTH and Marc Grewe of MORGOTH, although the focus for most listeners should fall upon the insane tempos that the musicians use.


The release comes equipped with recognizable artwork from Jacek Wisniewski, and anxious fans can rest assured that they will hear blazing speed picking throughout the release. Fans of the Melodic and Progressive movements will grit their teeth, but those who keep tallies on the speed war between many Thrash acts will want to pick this one up. The production quality and tones of “Ultra Sonic Hatestorm” provide a clear and audible glimpse at some of the fastest riffs on the market today. With a stronger focus on songwriting and lyrical content I.N.R.I. could take the market by storm over their next few releases.

(Online May 24, 2007)

Dustin Hathaway

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