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Merciless Death - Evil In The Night (7,5/10) - USA - 2006/2007

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Heavy Artillery
Playing time: 25:01
Band homepage: Merciless Death


  1. Slaughter Lord
  2. Deadly Assault
  3. Command Death
  4. Burn In Hell
  5. Exumer
  6. Act Of Violence
  7. Final Slaughter
  8. Ready To Kill
Merciless Death - Evil In The Night

High voltage face-ripping Thrash in the vein of the 80’s is a goddamn delicacy. MERCILESS DEATH uniquely understand this and are prepared to hammer you relentlessly until you’ve had your full of premium riffage and quality solos. Bang your head, stomp your feet, and fucking convulse as this is Metal as it was meant to be played.


Is it a coincidence that their band name happens to be taken from a killer DARK ANGEL composition? I’d wager not, as this trio cite SLAYER, EXODUS, EXUMER, RAZOR, and the aforementioned as appropriate influences. The plethora of skull-splitting riffs thrown at the listener live up to these expectations and will inspire manic fits requiring immediate application of a neck brace. Dan Holder is the sole-entity behind the axe, offering a text-book performance properly balancing the right amount of unique riffing with a handful of over-the-top solos which will drive you into the goddamn dirt until you’re bleeding and lifeless. 


The production found on “Evil In The Night” manages to simultaneously allow the instruments to breath while dousing the whole thing in an appropriate layer of raw aggression to produce that distinct old-school sound. While Andy Torres’ bass can be a bit difficult to depict at times, his Bruce Corbit (RIGOR MORTIS) vocal approach is fierce and in your face with an unparalleled degree of attitude. This Punk-derived ferocity is fueled by Cesar Torres’ excellent performance behind the kit which has your head banging against the wall harder than that last time you hit up that seedy motel. 


While composing aggressive compositions which cling so close to those retro influences is not altogether a difficult task, managing to capture and sustain that brilliant vibe of youthful belligerence certainly is. “Evil In The Night” certainly possesses that spark which is inherently linked to undisputed quality. This trio will rock your goddamn socks off and have you laying waste to the entirety of your house as you furiously air guitar and thrash about like all hell has broke loose.

(Online May 24, 2007)

Charles Theel

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