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Kotipelto - Serenity (6/10) - Finland - 2007

Genre: Melodic Metal / Power Metal
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 45:28
Band homepage: Kotipelto


  1. Once Upon A Time
  2. Sleep Well
  3. Serenity
  4. City Of Mysteries
  5. King Anti-Midas
  6. Angels Will Cry
  7. After The Rain
  8. Mr. Know-It-All
  9. Dreams And Reality
  10. Last Defender
Kotipelto - Serenity

Here’s one thing I’ll never understand: When a band member records solo albums in the exact same style as his/her main band. And you know what? It seems to happen all the friggin’ time. In case you haven’t figured out where this is going, Timo Kotipelto, vocalist of once great, now declining Power Metal titans STRATOVARIUS, has released his third solo album under the collective ‘band’ name of KOTIPELTO, and it sounds nearly identical to a hodge-podge of his main band’s releases.


If Mr. Kotipelto were going to release an album that sounds like STRATOVARIUS, the least he could was release one that sounds like the good era of his main band. But no, instead we get an album in “Serenity” that is much more akin to the “Elements” albums, with a bit of common ground with STRATOVARIUS’ most recent self-titled release. So, not only does Timo copy his main band’s formula, he’s also chosen to copy the worst part of it. What you get on “Serenity” is uninspired, mid-paced Melodic (sometimes Power) Metal. The vocals are top notch, which should go without saying, and the musicians backing up Mr. Kotipelto are as well, but with songwriting that doesn’t really go anywhere, it all seems for naught.


On a few occasions “Serenity” picks up the pace and offers some nice Power Metal tunes. Album opener “Once Upon A Time” stirs things up from the get go and should get any Power Metal fan bobbing his/her head. Unfortunately there are then four mid-paced tracks before the next speedy number “Angels Will Cry”, and with that the fast tracks are over. It’s a shame that there are only two speedier numbers on “Serenity”, as they are definitely the best tracks on the album.


I suppose “Serenity” may find a welcomed home with diehard fans of Timo Kotipelto’s main band. I hesitate to call the album bad, as it really isn’t. The songs are catchy, but all give that certain sense of déjà vu. Nothing on “Serenity” will hurt you (unless you have a Melodic/Power Metal allergy), but there’s enough here to get excited overly about either.

(Online May 25, 2007)

Eric Vieth

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