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Revolting Breed - Rise Against (7/10) - Greece - 2007

Genre: Thrashcore
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 63:05
Band homepage: Revolting Breed


  1. Safe In Ignorance
  2. Enemy
  3. Condemned To Live
  4. Rise Against
  5. The Willcrusher
  6. Backspit
  7. Inbreeding Insanity
  8. Let My Hate Breed
  9. Fighting Null
  10. Life Stillborn
  11. Flesh Feeding The Plague
  12. In Peace We Trust
  13. A Requiem For The Lost
  14. Scattered In Apathy


Revolting Breed - Rise Against

This is the REVOLTING BREEDís debut album, a brand new Thrashcore band hailing from Patras, Greece. Everything is executed extremely well on this album. The drumming is insanely awesome, the guitar riffs hit hard and heavy (though Iíve heard them before) and the vocals spit out hate fueled lyrics directed mainly at society and politicians.

Itís clear that the band also took extra precaution in writing diverse songs because most of them have something to make them stand out. We can find the band dipping into a little bit of everything, whether it be groove, melody, aggression or some supporting guitar leads, it leads an interesting listen.

The production is surprisingly good for a self-produced album and is on par with many labeled recordings. Every instrument sounds polished and is given their own distinct position amongst the other instruments. Props goes out to mixer Andy Classen.

Alas, I have heard it all before sadly. Call me critical (and many do) but this album fails to move me in any way. Itís a good album and everything is performed with class and maturity, I just get that "been there, done that" feeling throughout the albums duration. It sounds like the other Thrashcore albums that came before it and the ones that will follow. While they certainly are accomplished musicians, they donít really outshine anybody else and fall square in the enormous crowd of middle tier Thrashcore bands. They have potential though and I can see these guys creating something special in the future, definitely a band to keep your eye on. As it stands now, "Rise Against" is a good album but no more.

I will look forward to their next album.

(Online May 25, 2007)

Brent Chayka

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