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Khlyst - Chaos Is My Name (8/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Drone / Dark Ambient / Avantgarde
Label: Hydra Head
Playing time: 36:32
Band homepage: Khlyst


  1. I
  2. II
  3. III
  4. IV
  5. V
  6. VI
  7. VII
  8. VIII
Khlyst - Chaos Is My Name

Wow...KHLYST is fucked up….


That’s the first thing that came into my mind when “Chaos Is My Name” started and the last thing that went through my mind when it ended. This whole album/band could easily be written off as noise makers for noise’s sake, but I really think that there is something deeper to KHLYST….now if only I could get past all the damn headspace this album leaves behind….


Composed of only two members: Runhild Gammelsaeter (SunnO))), Thorr’s Hammer) and James Plotkin (Khanate, Phantomsmasher, O.L.D), KHLYST brings forth some of the most intense and scary music out there. It’s something akin to PINK FLOYD if they collaborated with any of the horrors of Lovecraft’s nightmares; or if KHANATE combined force with AXIS OF PERDITION to create rusty/filthy/bloody soundscapes. Seriously….that’s probably the best description of the music you’ll get kids, it’s just too damn hard and too damn scary to accurately put down on paper.


I will go on record and say that Runhild Gammelsaeter is probably the scariest/most tormented vocalist out there….and save Nattramn (SILENCER) is rivaled by no one. The music has some crazy drum patterns, utterly chaotic guitar and some scary as all hell synths. There are songs where the only thing you hear is quite to loud snarls/growls that sound like they are coming from some sort of beast (“VI”) to songs of utter instrument rape (“I”, “VIII”). I mean the music here really is Chaos, and the name of this album couldn’t be more appropriate.


This review probably didn’t help you all that much, and I’m sorry it didn’t but “Chaos Is My Name” is more of an experience, and it can be summed up much better with an actual listen. The only flaw I really see is the inconsistency of the whole experience, some parts can give you a huge high and others just ruin everything. I know it’s supposed to be chaotic and what not, but the album would have been much better if properly ordered. The spacey songs are too little and too short, while the chaotic songs come too much at a time and ruin an otherwise fantastic experience.


But, if you can look past that or program your CD player accordingly….damn is this one awesome album….thumbs up and beware kids….be-the-fuck-ware.

(Online May 26, 2007)

Sam Becherer

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