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F.R.Y - Orange Demo (6/10) - Russia - 2007

Genre: Death Metal / Metalcore
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 12:45
Band homepage: F.R.Y


  1. Invisible Friend >mp3
  2. Red Devil >mp3
  3. Orange Fall >mp3
  4. The Way To Success >mp3
F.R.Y - Orange Demo

Russia is better known for vodka than Metal so I was wondering if this band could bring her some Metal fame and glory? Well F.R.Y. certainly don’t muck around. This Russian trio formed in August 2006 and have managed to release a four track demo in February 2007. Their main influence is CHILDREN OF BODOM and this is most evident in their best song “The Way To Success” where Dron and Jay pull off some flashy (albeit short) guitar solos which are quite catchy and well positioned. F.R.Y. also have a strong Metalcore influence which is obvious in their lyrics.


No matter how much I like “The Way To Success”, I have a couple of problems with F.R.Y. Firstly, Dron’s vocals sound so forced, that I wonder if his vocals on “Red Devil” have been electronically altered. Dron switches between Hardcore yelling and growls. Unfortunately, he spends way too much time in the Hardcore mode. Jay’s clean vocals add some much need rest from Dron’s drone (pun intended) and is one of the strengths of F.R.Y. The second grip I have with F.R.Y. developed as soon as “Invisible Friend” started. The opening riff is a clone of “Taking Back My Soul” by ARCH ENEMY. There is nothing more irritating than a band who ‘borrows’ riffs and tries to pass them off as their own.


“Orange Demo” is a difficult release in my opinion, as it gets hoorays and thumbs down. Overall, I feel that F.R.Y. have the ability to be a hit for Melodic Death and Metalcore fans from the material on their debut. If Dron would stop using his hardcore touch guy vocals, they would have a much more refined sound.

(Online May 28, 2007)

Niall Hobson

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