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Before The Dawn - The Ghost (7/10) - Finland - 2006

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Locomotive Music
Playing time: 40:44
Band homepage: Before The Dawn


  1. Disappear >mp3
  2. Repentance
  3. Away
  4. Scar
  5. Angel's Tombstone
  6. Black Dawn >mp3
  7. Enemy
  8. Stormbringer
  9. Ghost Town
  10. ...Nowhere >mp3
Before The Dawn - The Ghost

Hailing from Finland, BEFORE THE DAWN is my favourite Gothic Metal band with two excellent releases under their belt. “4.17am” is a memorable album and contains some of my favourite songs ("Seed", "Dreamer" and "Fade Away") but clearly the departure of band members has been detrimental to BEFORE THE DAWN.


Tuomas has continued to add some good clean chorus’ on this album that deserve the utmost praise; especially on “Disappear”. Although BEFORE THE DAWN have not changed their gothic Metal sound, this album is very experimental, a word that sends shivers down a fans spine. “The Ghost” still sounds like BEFORE THE DAWN, especially the opener, "Disappear" with Melodic Death vocals and that signature draining, sombre guitars which eats your insides and leaves you confined in a cold, dark room. "Disappear" is easily eclipses "Seed" and is the best song BEFORE THE DAWN have created. This mood is carried through the next three tracks but beginning with "Black Dawn" things take a turn for the worse.


"Black Dawn" has the worst vocals out of all the BEFORE THE DAWN songs, with a whinny emo chorus. I thought I was listening to a Metalcore/post Hardcore band until I picked up the case and read the title. Things really fell to pieces with the title track which starts off with a rap intro and turns into some sort of forced ‘Rapcore’ track. I said that this album was experimental, and I normally challenge bands to create something new, but what happened here? I don’t want to hear a rapper yell “Get ready to fuck shit up” in any Metal song. Worse is the presence of a dedicated rap ‘solo’ that made me smash the jewel case in protest. Ok it isn’t that bad to LINKIN PARK fans but to someone who likes Gothic Metal and Melodic Death, is bloody torture.


You can draw many parallels between this album and “34.788% Complete” by MY DYING BRIDE. Both albums were supposed to be something new and progressive, but both turned fans away. Although “34.788% Complete” was a complete departure from MY DYING BRIDE's sound, “The Ghost” has a similar effect on BEFORE THE DAWN fans. Rap passages, not so perfect clean chorus’ and the fact that most of the band left prior to this release, make this album too experimental. The first four songs carry it only so far and the rest of it is too forced and you experience a sense of discontinuity compared when listening to other BEFORE THE DAWN albums.

(Online May 28, 2007)

Niall Hobson

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