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Debauchery - Back In Blood (7/10) - Germany - 2007

Genre: Death'N'Roll
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 40:03
Band homepage: Debauchery


CD 1

  1. Lords Of Battle
  2. Baptise This World In Blood
  3. Praise The Blood God
  4. Back In Blood
  5. Masters Of The Killing Art
  6. Butcher Of Bitches
  7. Death Metal Maniac
  8. Manhunting
  9. Alcohol Fueled Brutality
  10. True To The Skull Throne (And Bound To Kill)
  11. Storm Of Iron

CD 2

  1. I Can’t Dance [Genesis]
  2. Weisses Fleisch [Rammstein]
  3. 8 Days A Week [The Beatles]
  4. Heavy Duty [Judas Priest]
  5. Kings Of Metal [Manowar]
  6. You Got Me Rocking [Rolling Stones]
  7. War Is Coming (Chill Out Version) [Six Feet Under]
Debauchery - Back In Blood

Although it makes me quite possibly the biggest hypocrite on earth, I really dig DEBAUCHERY’s brand of obviously SIX FEET UNDER inspired Death Metal.


And how could I not? “Back In Blood” is downright catchy. Apart from the obvious SIX FEET UNDER influence I can pick up traces of NOUMENA in the opening track, as well as hints of PHAZM throughout the entire record. Of course, there are also plenty of riffs stolen from AC/DC (see “Death Metal Maniac”). The vocalist is great. He sounds like a non-pathetic version of Chris Barnes, with fantastically deep growls and decent high pitched screams that remind me more of Corpsegrinder or Glen Benton. This album grooves relentlessly from start to finish, but is actually kind of fast in places. The production is suitably thick and clear, absolutely perfect for this style of music.


“Back In Blood” also comes with a second disc full of covers. As you would expect these are all pretty sucky, although this promo only came with the Genesis, Rammstein and Beatles songs, the worst of these definitely being the Beatles cover, with the lyric “Ain't got nothing but loving 8 days a week/8 days a week is not enough to show I care!” being particularly painful. The covers are pretty useless, but they only come as an extra to the album, so it’s not really a concern.


If you like SIX FEET UNDER then you will like DEBAUCHERY, as they are pretty much the same band, albeit one sucks and one doesn’t. Feel free to send me abusive emails for giving “Graveyard Classics II” a 0 yet praising this album, I probably deserve it. But the fact remains; this shit is catchier than AIDS and heavier than a horse’s Johnson. Repetitive, but enjoyable. Recommended. 

(Online May 27, 2007)

Lachlan McKellar

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