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Blood Tsunami - Thrash Metal (8/10) - Norway - 2007

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Nocturnal Art Productions
Playing time: 42:57
Band homepage: Blood Tsunami


  1. Evil Unleashed
  2. Let Blood Rain
  3. Rampage Of Revenge
  4. Infernal Final Carnage
  5. Devoured By Flames
  6. Torn Apart
  7. Godbeater
  8. Killing Spree
Blood Tsunami - Thrash Metal

Behold the surprise of 2007! I’ve wanted to check out Bård “Faust” Eithun’s new band ever since this project was announced a few years back, so I snapped this one up like a hobo who hasn’t eaten in weeks. It’s great to see that the man hasn’t lost his passion for the music during (and after) his incarceration by providing the lyrics to ZYKLON’s albums as well as taking part in acts as diverse as SCUM, ABORYM and now BLOOD TSUNAMI. Well, the album title leaves no doubts as to the musical direction of this band, but did they indeed thrash till death?


To answer that: a profound yes!!! This is Thrash Metal but it is neither old nor new school Thrash – it straddles the divide expertly by providing the listener with raging riffs, chaotic soloing and maniacal vocals that is clearly influenced by SLAYER, SODOM and TESTAMENT, yet you can hear that this was recorded anno 2007 and not in some garage in ’86. This sense of balance is key to the album’s appeal. At first I though this sounded too much like the post-Thrash of bands like THE HAUNTED and CARNAL FORGE, but with each repeated listen I came to realize that this is more old school than is apparent at first. The vocals are very raw and screamed in a rabid fashion while the riffing is abrasive yet melodic while Faust’s drumming is spot on (it has a strange tight-yet-loose feeling to it that I love), and at the end of the day this is simply more Metal than ‘core.


Tracks like “Evil Unleashed” and the rampaging “Infernal Final Carnage” (even the song titles sound old school!) will gleefully tear you a new asshole, but the band’s sense of melody is never lacking. Just again I have to mention the great vocals: Pete Evil’s (I guess calling him Evil Pete would sound too cowboy-ish for comfort…) screams are relentless, giving the impression that he was actually recorded in a mad rage as opposed to standing behind a mic and making a concerted effort to “do” vocals. Barney Greenway would sound like this if he did Thrash vocals. It lends the music an undeniable quality and enhances the rage-filled vibe of the album. At time some Punk elements also become evident as well as a MAIDEN-ish gallop that will put a grin on many a metaller’s face. But the absolute classic of the album comes in the form of the 10 minute instrumental “Godbeater”. This is a gargantuan track kiddies! Going through a maddening array of riff, melody, and tempo changes it sees BLOOD TSUNAMI at the top of their game, even though said band is still a very young one. Everything clicks the right way on this track and it never gets boring for a second. Definitely worth the price alone!


BLOOD TSUNAMI’s debut is nothing you’ve never heard before but to the fact that this relatively untested band managed to shake the foundations so fervently definitely helps make this a very good album. Faust and co, you have wrecked my neck with this motherfucker!


Great cover art too!!


“Thrash Metal” comes highly recommended! 

(Online May 30, 2007)

Neil Pretorius

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