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Kaos - Kaos Among Us (4/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Thrashcore
Label: Relentless Records
Playing time: 45:33
Band homepage: Kaos


  1. Mass Of Fury
  2. The Rage Of War
  3. Burning Scars
  4. Live Forever
  5. Descent Into Madness >mp3
  6. Paralyzed By Fear >mp3
  7. God As My Witness
  8. Kaos Among Us
  9. Awakened By Death >mp3
  10. Forever Oblivion
  11. Session Demented
  12. Open Your Past
Kaos - Kaos Among Us

The music of the five-piece KAOS from the US features brutal Thrash riffing and the power of the Bay Area. At least that is what the band info, which reeks of self-praise and comes with the promo of their sophomore effort, “Kaos Among Us, says. The term Thrash riffing is not appropriate at all, though, even though it only refers to the modern form of Thrash Metal in this case. KAOS fall into the -core genre rather than the Metal genre. I honestly cannot spot any Bay Area power here. Ok, the guitar sounds is similar to that of some 80’s Thrash classics, but the music the guitars are delivering here cannot be compared to those immortal anthems.


For what is the use of well-done parts such as the chorus of „Burning Scars“ when the rest of that song is just boring? Which leads us to the main problem with KAOS: boredom. A lot of the songs will annoy you with choppy guitar playing during the verses. “Descent Into Madness” does a better job. A really good song at times whose tempo is very varied and which offers a neat (albeit short) solo. The vocalist is almost exclusively inspired by various Hardcore acts, which causes my rating for the album to be even lower.

(Online October 4, 2007)

Chris Kraemer

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