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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - SIX FEET OF FOREPLAY - Corpus Cavernosum

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Six Feet Of Foreplay - Corpus Cavernosum (9/10) - Sweden - 2006

Genre: Death Metal / Death'N'Roll
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 9:07
Band homepage: Six Feet Of Foreplay


  1. Gangbang Zombies
  2. Zombie Flesheaters
  3. The Night I Became A Zombie
Six Feet Of Foreplay - Corpus Cavernosum

Juicy Death'n'Roll with a healthy helping of groove is what the three Swedes from SIX FEET OF FOREPLAY are offering up here in the shape of their first demo "Corpus Cavernosum". Not that you would actually think this is a demo, rather than an EP or a single, if you didn't know so -- for both musically and in terms of production, this release is quite simply flawless.


They kick things off with "Gangbang Zombies", which arguably is the best track on this demo. From the really very amusing sample usage over the perfectly grunty vocals to the catchy chorus ("Gangbang! Gangbang! Brutal zombie gangbang!", there's absolutely no reason why this song shouldn't immediately get stuck in the listener's head. Furthermore, the fact that the track lasts not even two minutes and a half actually is a good thing -- it keeps the song from getting old anytime soon.


The next track "Zombie Flesheaters" can't quite live up to its mighty predecessor, though. There is a cunningly placed tempo change near the end of the song that helps build a somewhat more menacing atmosphere, and you will have no problems grunting along with the chorus after one or two listens, but all in all it's just not quite as catchy, though absolutely solid musically.


Finally there's "The Night I Became A Zombie", which is almost as long as both preceding songs put together. The lyrics play even more of a role in making this song enjoyable than they do on the other tracks, being refreshingly humorous (e.g. "I have a torch stuck up my bum/SURPRISE BUKKAKE!"), which is why taking a look at the "digital" booklet is recommended. Here, too, the changes of pace add to the diversity within the track: slow and groovy on the one hand and a bit more punishing on the other, greatly enhancing the identity of the song.


As mentioned before, the production job on "Corpus Cavernosum" is flawless. Whether it's the guitars/bass, drums or vocals, this disc comes a-thunderin' through your speakers like a freight train. Said vocals, incidentally, don't have a lot to do with the "urrrp urrrp" toad style singing that tends to be common in this genre and even are intelligible at times. Still, main grunter Kopulator (and bassist/back-up vocalist Dominator) has one mean set o' pipes, whose throaty roar goes perfectly with the music.


We can only hope that SIX FEET OF FOREPLAY will continue to put out qualitatively righteous material like this in the future. Their music packs enough of a punch to please friends of the more brutal stuff, yet it also is catchy and groovy enough to appeal to a broader audience. One can never have enough humorous Death'n'Roll, right?


To conclude this review, I should point out that this demo is freely available for download on the band's website. Why not have a listen yourself?

(Online April 8, 2007)

Michael Monz

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