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Victory State - Kick Back The Rug & Everybody Dance! (3,5/10) - Great Britain - 2007

Genre: Rock / Indie Rock
Label: Casket Music
Playing time: 12:56
Band homepage: Victory State


  1. Get Down
  2. Debut
  3. Burned To The Sound
  4. Scene But Not Herd
Victory State - Kick Back The Rug & Everybody Dance!

Oh what the hell? VICTORY STATE is giving all the profits off the sales of this EP to the Make A Wish Foundation. Now I canít roll my eyes and dismiss it without seeming like a major league asshole.


Okay. VICTORY STATE is a young, ambitious British Rock band with aspirations of greatness. The promo information sheet is one of those thatís so choked with praise for the bandís innovation and creativity that you just know that wonít be able to find any. No matter what Casket Music wants me to think, thereís nothing revolutionary about this band or this album. This is Rock, the kind that you might hear out of the local high school band. ďKick Back The Rug & Everybody Dance!Ē is a mercifully brief sampling that probably wonít appeal to our readers. The longest song is ďDebut,Ē clocking in at 3:40.

Thereís probably a market for this kind of self-important, energetic but ultimately evanescent modern Rock. Iím not it and I doubt that many of our readers will find it particularly interesting. Their Rock skirts the mainstream and indy camps, trying to appease the latter without straying too far into its sound. The songs arenít memorable, but they are energetic. I guess that counts for something, but not nearly enough.

(Online June 2, 2007)

Keith Stevens

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