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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - CARNAVAGE - The Hairless Fat Carnage Deed

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Carnavage - The Hairless Fat Carnage Deed (7/10) - Algeria - 2007

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Aphotic Records
Playing time: 14:59
Band homepage: Carnavage


  1. Surgical Carnage
  2. The Hairless Fat Carnage Deed
  3. Lament For Scatological Kids
  4. Nice To Eat You Again
  5. Coolish Fiesta
  6. Slaughterhouse (MORTICIAN cover)
  7. Your First Facial
  8. The Menstrual Intermission
  9. Carnal Love Pungent Meat Juice Lechery
  10. Stabwound Orgasm (AVULSED cover)
Carnavage - The Hairless Fat Carnage Deed

When Grindcore shows off its humorous side it's usually time to bolt your door and hide behind the sofa like you would when the Jehovahs come calling. Every now and then though a band like CARNAVAGE come knocking and you willingly let them in (just as well cos the hinges wouldn't last long.)

First off, the music itself is no nonsense, straight ahead Grind that trepans itself without any subtlety through your skull, distorted and ugly in every sense, it is plain nasty as it bounds along dripping filth. There is a fairly repetitive formula which revolves around chunky groove that then gets left choking on the dust kicked up by the speed bursts, whatever gear they are in though there are no frills, this is bereft of solos or overriding melodic sections.

Humour is expressed in the shape of the sound samples which will tweak a smile with ease and two of the tracks; “Lament For Scatological Kids” with its “Frere Jacques” on meth themed scuzz out, then there's “Coolish Fiesta” and its dub Reggae sections. Whether you find the actual vocals amusing is a matter of personal taste, split between vicious bestial growls and a porcine version of Vic Reeves' pub singer routine where a few syllables are used to articulate everything, it just about gets away with it.

You can tell by the track titles that CARNAVAGE avoid the puerility of some and rely on genuine fun to engage with the listener, even without the direct and effective delivery that will ream its way through your lughole regardless. As well as the buzzing distortion, the drums batter and clatter like the utensils in a ships galley during heavy seas, the snare at times will rattle all your fillings out and if you are unfortunate enough to have suffered an accident recently that's resulted in having bones screwed together, be careful, your limb might fall off.

There are a couple of covers here, both of which are played in a way that keep true to the bands sound rather than the originals but there is no detriment in that. As a MCD, this is just a quick fix for those that enjoy a slice of groove and blast, it will also provoke the odd chuckle and in a world of shit you can't beat having a smile on your face as the bastards try to grind you down.

(Online June 2, 2007)

Niall MacCartney

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