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Blue Eyed Boy Death Machine - 2121EP (5,5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Metalcore / Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 9:48
Band homepage: Blue Eyed Boy Death Machine


  1. A.L.O.T.F.
  2. How Quickly Things Can Change
  3. Rivkin
Blue Eyed Boy Death Machine - 2121EP
I can’t imagine there are too many bands playing anything in Broken Arrow Oklahoma let alone heavily Death Metal influenced Metalcore the likes of which are demonstrated within “2121EP”, the sophomore output of BLUE EYED BOY DEATH MACHINE, a band with a silly name but one filled with potential. It’s all too sad that whilst researching their MySpace page I learned these college aged boys seem to be taking an ominous hiatus.
With hope that this is not a piece of history in tow, BLUE EYED BOY DEATH MACHINE presents some of the heaviest Metalcore I’ve heard for a while in “2121EP” reminiscent of FROM A SECOND STORY WINDOW. Spearheaded by a drummer whose use of the ride bell and china cymbals over double kicks highlights the Death Metal elements alongside some meaty bass lines, framed by a vocalist with a range from clear to deep Metalcore screams and guttural screams the music is played intelligently and with surprising power from a self production. Rounded out with a dual guitar attack that highlights a more melodic Metalcore edge with its cutting clear sound textured by buzz saw backing that leads on the opening track, BLUE EYED BOY DEATH MACHINES three track EP is an intricate work.
Whilst the opener and closer pass without much fuss, “A.L.O.T.F” could fit into a Deathcore album well if it wasn’t for the Metalcore guitar sound used at the end, whilst “Rivkin” illustrates a standard fast Metalcore track with Hardcore song structuring, some interesting time signatures and neatly held guitar arrangements, it’s the middle track where BLUE EYED BOY DEATH MACHINE meld the mix of influences together best. “How Quickly Things Can Change” opens with an old school guitar sound before breaking into more standard riffing associated with Metalcore over some double kicks, the two note riff that drives the semi breakdown is neat and the vocal harmonization between gutty screams and clear passages is nothing short of excellent and runs throughout the track before both styles are layered towards the end and are rounded out with a punky drum beat and thrashy guitars which slow to a close.
The middle track really shows how well this young band can combine such a series of influences into one track, utilizing the opposing juxtapositions into something compelling. Unfortunately from Death Metal riffing to Metalcore there is too little compelling guitar work to keep it fresh and the music falls a little around it, whilst the vocals are very well handled and the drumming and bass are inexperienced but competent, BLUE EYED BOY DEATH MACHINE rarely employ their clear panache for complicated songwriting, instead resting on individual styles creating tracks that are all a little straightforward.
That said BLUE EYED BOY DEATH MACHINE are a young band that show a lot of potential, if they could just focus their sound and concentrate on fusing their various influences as coherently as in “How Quickly Things Can Change” they could become a stronger candidate in the heavy Metalcore scene, as it stands they’re an opener at best.

(Online June 4, 2007)

Richard Williams

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