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Morgana Lefay - Aberrations Of The Mind (9/10) - Sweden - 2007

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Black Mark
Playing time: 51:26
Band homepage: Morgana Lefay


  1. Delusions
  2. Make A Wish
  3. The Rush Of Possession
  4. Depression
  5. Caught In The Tread Wheel
  6. Reflections Of War
  7. Face Of Fear
  8. Where I Rule
  9. In Shadows I Reign
  10. Aberration Of Mind
  11. Vultures Devouring
  12. Over And Over Again
  13. Nightmares Are Made In Hell
Morgana Lefay - Aberrations Of The Mind

New album, new luck? I would wish it the guys of MORGANA LEFAY. Their last effort “Grand Materia” was too modern (not just for me) and only the ingenious title track really got me going. But on the new album the band successfully combines this PANTERA-like riffing with their typical, anything but run-of-the-mill melodies. Modern meets tradition? For MORGANA LEFAY no problem!

The axes are spinning, the bass pumps like hell and the drums also would hit hard, if their sound was not so flat. Doesn’t sound as tinny as on MEALLICA’s “St.Anger”, but this is not what I’d call brutal! But you get used to this and at least fronter Charles Rytkönen still sings/screams like a young god. This man you would recognized among carnival barkers.

The huge hit such as “Rooms Of Sleep“, “Maleficium“, “To Isengard“ or “The Boon He Gives“, which directly jumps at you and tears you apart, is kind of missing, but for that all songs are on the same, very high level and even though the band sounds a lot more pissed and angry than in the past, the great melodies and very strong choruses come through a lot more. Only the title track is a little too “out there” for me, but as usual that is a matter of taste. Just like the poison green cover artwork. But overall a great album that should not disappoint any old fan.

(Online December 27, 2007)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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